All natural cat ear infections remedy

feline ear infections
Help your kitty fight bad ear infections today!

Just like people, cats can develop ear infections. Ear infections will irritate and hurt your cat, but she will not be able to tell you in words, so it is your job as an owner to look for the symptoms. This list of symptoms are warning signs of what to look for.

Cat ear infection symptoms:
• Frequent scratching of ears and shaking of head
• Possible mewling, obvious discomfort
• Dark-colored debris in ear (similar to fine coffee grounds), a sign of ear mites
• In extreme cases, a foul-smelling, pus-filled yellowish or dark discharge

What causes cat ear infections?

Ear infections are a common and persistant problem in cats, especially Persian cats. Cat ear infections are different than human ear infections in that they are caused by external factors such as water, allergens, foreign bodies (like wind-blown objects), or parasitic insects, particularly ear mites.

Once infected, your cat will probably show his irritation by rubbing his ear on things, or shaking his head. You will not necessarily see the infection at first unless you examine your cat. More severe symptoms are seepage from the infection.

How can I treat my cat’s ear infection?

One of the best treatments for cat ear infections is a product called Echo Gold. Echo Gold is a holistic product created specifically for cats.

Feline Echo Gold works using naturopathic ingredients, and herbal infusions, no harsh chemicals or additives. It is non-addicting, and safe to use. Echo Gold’s natural formula takes care of all of the symptoms of cat ear infections. The treatment:

feline ear cure• Relieves itching
• Won’t irritate sensitive skin
• Has antibiotic action that fights ear infections
• Prevents reoccurrence of ear infections
• Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic action that reduces pain
• Is safe for long-term, preventative use

It may take a few days before you see marked improvement, but your cat will feel relief within 24 to 48 hours of starting treatment. You will notice that the scratching and head shaking will lessen and disappear.

Within a few days of use, your cat will be back to normal, happy, and purring readily.

Help your kitty fight nasty ear infections and get better fast, try Echo Gold today!