All natural, herbal dog pink eye treatment

Eye Easy, all natural dog pink eye treatment
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Today I wanted to talk a bit about dog pink eye, otherwise known as dog conjunctivitis. There’s a lot of misleading information about it and many are not sure what it is.

I actually have just made a full website dealing only with dog pink eye symptoms and treatment products. So if you want to really know everything about it go to my dog pink eye website and check it out.

So just what causes dog pink eye and what is it? Well it’s not just one thing; pink eye is a general term really for a symptom of an eye problem. There can be many different reasons for pink eye.

Dog pink eye is when the membrane that coats the back of the eyelid and the white part of the eyes gets irritated. When that happens the blood vessels swell and some break.

That causes the pink color you see in the eye, hence the term “pink eye”. It can be caused by allergies, irritants, eye injuries, objects in the eye, viruses and infections. Basically anything that aggravates the eye enough to make it turn pink and swell is called pink eye.

Dog pink eye symptoms include red or pink eyes, swelling around the eyes, excess tears and/or mucus from the eyes, pawing at the eyes or rubbing their eyes on the ground or objects.

Another question many people have is, is dog pink eye contagious? Some types of pink eye is, yes. But most of the time no. If the pink eye is caused by an object in the eye, allergies or irritants, anything that just simply aggravates the eyes, it is NOT contagious.

However if it is caused by a virus like a cold, infection or bacteria than yes, that type of pink eye is contagious. It can be spread to other pets and even humans. So if your dog has that type you should keep other pets away until it clears up.

Dog pink eye is actually common and some breeds get it often due to the shape of their eyes and their eyelashes and hair that get in their eyes. In most cases it clears up on it’s own, just like when you get something in your eye.

However you should try to treat it when you notice it, as it can be painful and itch. Acting fast can heal it up faster and prevent it from getting worst. Plus if it’s a virus you want to stop it from spreading to other pets.

That brings us to dog pink eye treatment. The eye is sensitive, and if your dog gets pink eye a lot you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals in it. Which is why I recommend all natural, herbal Eye Easy pink eye drops from Pet Wellbeing.

Eye Easy dog pink eye drops is a holistic liquid that soothes the eye, relieving the pain and itch. It helps with the swelling and reduces the spreading to other pets if it’s a virus.

It helps the eyes recover back to it’s healthy state faster and is very gentle on the eyes. So you can use it often without worrying about side effects or any chemicals.

Pet Wellbeing is popular with pet owners who want all natural pet remedy treatments. They carry a full line of holistic pet treatments that are Doctor of Veterinary Medicine formulated.

They even have a 90 day money back guarantee, just return the empty or used bottle after 90 days if not happy for a full refund. Plus they offer free same day shipping!

So if your dog has pink eye or gets it often, keep a bottle or two of Eye Easy dog pink eye drops around to treat it fast and stop it from getting worst. I hope this answers some of your questions about pink eye in dogs. 🙂

Eye Easy, all natural dog pink eye treatment
Click here for Eye Easy all natural dog pink eye treatment today!