All natural mange, flea and rashes remedy for dogs and cats

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Dealing with bugs of one kind or another is part of being a cat or dog owner. It is horrible to think that your loving pet is picking up the bugs and suffering from it.

Common bugs are mange, scabies, and fleas that attach themselves to the pet hair, and are often quite difficult to remove.

Does my pet have fleas?

Pets that go outdoors often are more likely to pick up pests, but indoor pets can get them as well. Homes are not bug proof, to say the least, and pets can pick them up from visiting pets.

If your dog or cat is constantly scratching their red, irritated skin or shaking their head in a funny way, there is a high possibility that they have pests. Not all pets will actively scratch though, so you do need to check your cat or dog for bugs frequently.

Treating Mange, Scabies, and Fleas in Pets

One of the problems with most treatments for pests is that they use drugs and harsh chemicals to get rid of the fleas. Unfortunately, two issues occur.

The first is that your dog may be ingesting or absorbing these chemicals into their body poisoning them. The second is that the pests can develop immunity to the chemicals.

Better and better alternative treatments are being developed without the risks of chemicals each day. One of the best treatments is Defendex, a pet shampoo that can be used on cats or dogs to naturally wash away mange, scabies, and fleas. Defendex features the following:

• Naturally relieve your pet of mange and scabies infestation symptoms
• Soothe your pet’s itchy, red, or irritated skin
• Protect yourself and your pet from chemicals and pesticides
• Safe for kittens and puppies – contains no pyrethrins/pyrethroids
• Enjoy peace of mind with no chemical side effects

Best dog mange treatment product
Click here to find out more and order your dog mange treatment today!

Defendex uses homeopathic, natural ingredients to treat both the cause and the symptoms of pest infestation without adding more poisons into the mix. And the treatment begins to noticeably work with the first shampoo. Both you and your pet will breathe a sigh of relief, so try it today!