Animal Companion Pet Sitting Service in Orlando

Animal companions pet sitting service

Animal Companion pet sitting service is a group of caring pet sitters that have been in business since 1993, serving most of the Orlando area. All the sitters used by this service are dedicated to the care for animals, and in fact, all are volunteers involved in pet rescue operations.

The business itself donates a portion of their proceeds to local pet charities and no-kill animal rescues. This should provide you with a good feeling about leaving the care of your pets in the hands of ACPSS.

How can Animal Companion Pet Sitting Service help you? They can walk your pet, do a health check, provide food and water, brush your pet, maintain the litter box or cage, administer regular medications, and offer your furry pal some valuable play time.

ACPSS handles dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, feral felines, amphibians, birds, rabbits, hermit crabs, non-venomous reptiles, fish, ferrets, and other small animals.

When you’re away from home overnight, this service won’t just take care of your pets – they’ll also take care of your home. They can get your mail, take your trash to the curb, clean up any “accidents,” water your plants, check on your pool or spa, and adjust your lights and blinds to give your house that “somebody’s home” look.

Before accepting any job, Animal Companion pet sitting service will schedule an initial consultation so that they can get to know you and your pets and work out a plan that’s best for you.

A basic charge is assessed for each service, so you can formulate your own customized plan. This business has an excellent track record and a great reputation, so if you’re going to need their sitters during a holiday, book ahead.

If your in the Orlando area and need someone to look after your pet, check out Animal Companion pet sitting services website below and see what they can do for you. 🙂

Animal Companion pet sitting service
Animal Companion pet sitting service