Barber Park Dog Park in Orlando, Florida

Barber park dog park in Orlando

Barber Park dog park in Orlando Florida is a great dog park for those who want to let their dogs run around in a park setting. Many dog owners live in apartments or homes with small yards.

So going to a dog park gives them a chance to run around and get some exercise. It’s also a great way to meet other dog lovers and make friends. Barber park dog park is a fenced in park divided into two sections.

One is for large dogs, the other for small dogs. Each is around a half acre or so in size and all grass. There are benches and canopies for a little shade as well as a few trees.

It’s not a very big dog park, but it’s also not normally very crowded. There is a nice kiddie area next to it so if you have little ones they can play around while you walk your dogs and still be close to them.

In fact there are several large fields surrounding this dog park used for soccer and other games. So it’s a nice place to take the whole family as well as your dogs. There is even a lake in the back of the park, although I’m not sure if dogs are allowed in there.

So if your looking for a quiet, smaller dog park where the big dogs are separate from the smaller dogs, check out Barber Park dog park and bring the whole family for an afternoon of fun!

Barber Park Dog Park
3701 Gatlin Ave
Orlando, FL