Candy’s Cats, local Orlando cat rescue organization

Candy's cats rescue group

I try to write about the many Orlando, Florida area pet rescue organizations and groups who do so much to help and save homeless and unwanted pets. Today I want to call your attention to Candy’s Cats!

Adopting a cat as a family pet is a wise choice. If you’re planning to adopt a kitten and take care of him, then you should go directly to Candy’s Cats. This is a not-for-profit corporation based in Orlando, Florida.

The volunteers who work at Candy’s Cats take care of the kittens they find and give them out for adoption. The sight of a kitten might be irresistible, but the decision to adopt a cat should be made only if you are ready for a long-term commitment.

At Candy’s Cats, you can take the time and check out the animals offered for adoption. Since you are free to browse through the company’s website and search for information about each pet, making a decision is going to be easier.

There is an adoption donation fee for any cat you may want to adopt. This fee varies for each cat depending on the time and work spent on getting the cat healthy and cared for.

Candy’s Cats is also a no-kill cat rescue group. That means they do everything they can to save each and every cat. They don’t put any cat down due to it being pregnant, not enough room or anything like that.

Each cat has its own page where you can read more about his personality, age, size, color, reaction to new people and other relevant details. If the kitten has brothers or sisters offered for adoption, you can read about them too.

Pet lovers can also find out if their favorite cat is good with dogs, cats or children. At Candy’s Cats, they can find kittens, teens and adult cats.

Candy’s Cat also features an online store where you can order retro candy gift boxes, sunflower seeds coated in chocolate, chubby little milk chocolate bars and other sweet treats.

Whether you want to adopt a cat, become a volunteer and rescue pets, or buy chocolate specialties online, you should check out Candy’s Cats. This is the place to be for those who are ready to make a lifetime commitment and get their home ready for a new cat!

Candy’s Cats
P. O. Box 608444
Orlando, FL 32860-8444
(407) 760-2052

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