Cat anxiety remedies and feline treatments

cat anxiety treatment
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A month or two ago I took a vacation for 9 days. My cat spinkie often gets distressed when I am gone away for a few days. Often she will pull her hair out, leaving a big mess when I get home.

Yes I have a friend who checks in on her, but she still gets stressed and leaves a lot of hair all over. This is caused by cat anxiety and feeling stressed by me not being there.

This last time however I decided to try Anxietrex™ for Cats, an all natural feline anxiety treatment from Vetionx. I have talked about their products before and knew they had a good reputation as a trusted all natural pet remedy company.

Since Spinkie hates pills I loved how it is in a liquid form, I simply added it to her water. Since it takes a few days to take effect I started giving it to her 3 days before I left.

Then my friend gave her a daily dose while I was gone. My friend said she seemed much more relaxed and did very little hair pulling. She did not seem to get sick or have any side effects and she still had a good appetite.

So from now on when I go on a vacation I’m going to give Spinkie this great all natural cat separation anxiety remedy. When you go to the Vetionx website and view their products they provide all the details about their items.

You can read every ingredient in each product, read real reviews, see how to give the medication to your pet and so on. They stand behind their holistic products with a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee too!

Vetionx carries a full line of all natural pet remedies for cats, dogs and horses. They really seem to care about what they do and I feel better their products are all natural and holistic. Too many vet treatments are filled with powerful chemicals that cause side effects.

So if your looking for a feline anxiety treatment that is all natural, try Anxietrex™ for Cats today and see for yourself what a difference it makes. 🙂