Cat respiratory infections, feline respiratory aids

Feline Respiratory Aid for Cats – $ 45.95

From: Pet Wellbeing Inc.

One of the most common types of infections in cats is cat respiratory infections, know in clinical terms as feline respiratory infection. Just about all cats at one time or another will get this.

So just what is cat respiratory infections and how do you treat it? Feline respiratory aids are a bit like cough syrup for humans. Feline respiratory infections are like a cold, caused most often by the herpesvirus and calicivirus infections.

Other types include Chlamydophila, Mycoplasma, Bordetella and a few others. Those all sound scary but they are like the common cold in humans, only they affect cats.

Like the cold, cat respiratory infections are highly contagious, so if you have more than one cat chances are all will get it if one does. Common symptoms are:


Feline respiratory aids help to unblock the cats nose, clear up the eyes and make your cat feel better. Again it works a lot like cold medicine for humans.

Most indoor cats will not get this, as the cat has to come in contact with an infected cat. Cats get Feline respiratory infections from an infected cat sneezing, contact with their running eyes, shared food bowls, toys and so on.

Persian cats are more likely to get cat respiratory infections due to their facial features. Just like colds in child humans, kittens get feline respiratory infections the most.

Treated or not, cat respiratory infections run a 7 to 10 day course, at which time they subside. However depending on the type of feline respiratory infections they have it can be permanent.

By that I mean the cat can have recurring bouts of cat respiratory infections if they get stressed out, weak from wetness or cold, have surgery or other things to cause stress in your cat.

Feline respiratory aids like the one below from Pet Wellbeing help your cats maintain their immune system, clears noses and lungs from congestion and help cats with breathing problems.

Feline Respiratory Aid for Cats – $ 45.95

From: Pet Wellbeing Inc.

It has natural herbal extracts that are safe for your cat and is vet approved. It also helps to prevent the spread of the cat respiratory infections by reducing sneezing and watery discharge which other cats come in contact.

So if your cat gets feline respiratory infections, treat it with Feline Respiratory Aid for Cats and help your cat feel better and get over her cold better.

Of course if your cat stops eating and gets very sick you should take it to your vet. But often good feline respiratory aids is all that is needed to make your cat feel better until she is over her cat respiratory infections. 🙂