Whisker Watchers pet sitting service in the Orlando area

Whisker Watchers pet sitting services

Whether you need to leave your home for a few hours or a couple of days, it is essential that you find a good pet sitting service to take care of your furry friends. Whisker Watchers provides professional pet sitting and home sitting services designed to keep your best friend happy when you’re not there.

Instead of leaving your pet at a kennel, Whisker Watchers pet sitting service will take care of your cat or dog in your own home for a few hours, days, or weeks.

Whisker Watchers can help your pet feel comfortable even when you’re far away from home. They can visit your best friend for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day, feed him, clean up all accidents inside and/or outside your home, and take him to the groomer or veterinarian.
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Upcoming Orlando area pet events page now open!

Upcoming central Florida pet events

Alrighty everyone, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my Orlando area pet events page done, and now it’s finally open! Check it out in the top menu bar above, or go here for the Orlando pet events page.

Now, because I just opened it, there are only October to December 2010 events on it. I will start putting 2011 pet events in it in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a full pet event page that covers all the upcoming pet events in the Orlando and central Florida area.

I’ve seen a few, but they only have events they are doing themselves, or just about a few sponsored pet events. I want to have every type of pet event in my new page here.
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Upcoming pet events in Orlando, pet events in the Orlando area

upcoming pet events in Orlando

If your a pet owner or pet lover in the Orlando area, chances are you want to know about upcoming pet events here in Orlando. You can go to several different sites and see what pet event they are having.

But you can’t seem to find one site that has a list of all the different kinds of pet events that are coming up soon, or even months away. So I thought I’d make a page in my site here for that!

There actually are a lot of pet events in Orlando, lots of them. From dog washes, pet walks, fund raising pet events, pet food fairs, pet shows and lots more, you can find a pet event going on in Orlando most every week.
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Groom Grub and Belly Rub pet grooming services in Orlando

pet grooming, pet sitting and pet care

Once again it’s time for a spotlight on an Orlando area pet services shop. This time I’ve picked Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub pet grooming and services in Orlando. This place seems to offer just about everything for your pet!

Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub is much more than just a pet grooming service, it’s a full pet care shop. Besides pet grooming and washing they offer pet sitting, pet boarding, pet walking, dog training and sell pet food and supplies.

The owners of Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub are certified dog trainers and behavioralists. They specialize in cage free dog and cat grooming and give each pet special attention. They also state they groom birds and exotic animals.
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Disney Kennel, Best Friends Pet Care at Disney Kennels

Walt Disney Kennels

My Orlando pet site would not be complete without an article about the Disney kennel! For all the Disney guest that have pets and even those who are not going to Disney, they now have a brand new pet care facility called Best Friends Pet Care.

Disney use to have their own Disney kennel, but now they are using an outside pet care provider that works with them. No pets of any kind are allowed in any Disney resorts, hotels, theme parks, Disney buses or downtown Disney.

So if your staying at a Disney resort or going to a Disney theme park and want a place for your pet to stay, Disney kennels is now home of Best Friends Pet Care, located across Disney’s Port Orleans Resort at 2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830.
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Pet store shop in Orlando, Petland

Orlando area pet shop stores, Petland

Today I thought I’d talk about one of the big pet stores here in Orlando. Actually they seem to only have two stores in Orlando, but they are a nationwide franchise.

Petland is the pet store I’m talking about today. Now when I say pet store I mean a place you can actually buy animals, not a pet supply store. Petland has been in biz for years and has many locations across the US.

Petland pet stores in Orlando carry a wide range of pets. Besides many cats and dogs they also carry birds, rabbits, many reptiles, lots of tropical fish and more. Hamsters, gerbils, ferrets and sometimes a few other types of pets.
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East Orlando Animal Hospital

East Orlando animal hospital

East Orlando Animal Hospital was founded more than 30 years ago, providing superior services in nutrition, preventive care, surgery, vaccinations, dermatology, dentistry, and internal medicine. This veterinary facility is operated by extremely knowledgeable doctors and staff who really care about the health of your pet. The clinic is AAHA accredited.

If you go to East Orlando Animal Hospital, you can request day care services for your pet, as well as grooming and spa pet services, boarding, and behavioral services. The clinic features a broad variety of veterinary services designed to cover all of your pet’s needs. Whether you have a cat, a dog, a reptile, small mammals, or birds, this is the right place to be.

East Orlando Animal Hospital offers a number of services such as physical examinations, vaccines, senior pet wellness care, preventative tests, microchip identification, nutritional counseling, allergy testing and desensitization treatments, surgical procedures, periodontal care, and stem cell therapy. You can even leave your pet at the clinic while you’re at work or talk with a counselor in case you lose your best friend.
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Sunny Harbor Parrot Place, exotic birds in Orlando

Sunny Harbor Parrot Place exotic bird store

If your looking for a pet parrot or exotic bird in the Orlando central Florida area, then visiting Sunny Harbor Parrot Place is a must. This store is located in central Florida and offers hand raised Amazon, Macaw, Eclectus, Cockatoo, african greys and other popular parrot breeds.

The company is owned by husband and wife team Brad and Tracy. They are committed to raising baby parrots by hand in a loving home environment, helping them develop a long term relationship with humans.

The owners are members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization, American Federation of Aviculture, and other trusted organizations. In addition, they are certified avian specialists.
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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA of Orlando, Florida

SPCA of central Florida

Established in 1937, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Central Florida Orlando is a non-profit charitable organization that promotes responsible human behavior toward animals. Some people refer to it as the humane society.

This animal welfare organization offers affordable medical services for pets, as well as a safe shelter for homeless animals. All funds raised by this humane society are used to help animals have a normal life in a loving environment.

The SPCA of Central Florida has a 100% adoption rate for those pets that are friendly and healthy. The organization has two shelters and two open door facility operated by volunteers. It is an open door facility, so there are no time limits on how long an animal will remain at the shelter while waiting for a living family to adopt them.
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Orlando Pet Sitting and Boarding, Preppy Pet Review

Orlando pet sitting Preppy Pet review

There are many pet sitting and pet boarding shops in Orlando. One of them is Preppy Pet near downtown Orlando. Here’s my review of this pet sitting and boarding shop for your information.

Founded in 2003, Preppy Pet of Orlando provides a safe and fun pet sitting and pet boarding environment for small animals, cats, dogs, and birds. The pet boarding resort features plenty of options and activities designed to keep your pets happy, including full grooming and obedience training.

The facilities are immaculate and the staff is professional. This place is excellent for pet daycare, pet sitting and boarding, offering lots of facilities for a reasonable price. They charge by the size of your pet and have webcams that allow you to watch your furry friend while your away.
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