Bow Vow Weddings Upcoming Event!

Bow Vow Weddings for pets

People treat their pets like their babies and spend a lot of time and money pampering them. Pet boutiques now sell designer beds, strollers, diamond collars, diamond leashes, designer clothing and much more! Now the biggest trend is “doggie” and other pet weddings!

When it comes to your pet, pet weddings win paws down. Bow Vow Weddings can help make it a pawsitively great event! Have fun by doing something different, host a pup-nuptial for your purr-fect pets. Pets bring us so much joy, why not share something different with your family and friends. Bow Vow Weddings can help you celebrate!

Imagine your dog’s delight when you have some doggie friends to share doggie cake, games, presents and fun. Dog parties have become the newest trend, according to USA Today.
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Feline Arthritis Treatment, Natural Cat Arthritis Remedy

Cat arthritis remedy
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Arthritic dogs and cats experience terrible pain that may affect their quality of life and reduce their playfulness. This chronic disease is extremely common. It is estimated that over 30 percent of cats over eight years old suffer from feline arthritis.

Overweight and obese cats face a higher risk of developing this condition. Their symptoms are often silent, so you might never know that your furry friend is in pain.

Feline arthritis causes stiff joints, chronic pain, and difficulty climbing the stairs, lack of appetite, depression, reduced mobility, matted and scruffy coat, difficulty using the litter tray, and limping. Most cats suffering from this disease become irritable and begin to avoid contact with humans.
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Cat skin problems, cures and treatments

Cat skin problem cure
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Cat skin disorders are quite common and can affect your pet’s health in the long term. Skin should be smooth and free of crusting. Its color can be pink or black. The way it looks and feel is a good indicator of your cat’s overall health.

Thus, it’s important to take proper care of your furry friend and check his coat and skin regularly. Certain products, such as Derma-IonX, can help prevent and treat cat skin disorders.
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Christmas savings on Kitty Hollow cat trees!

Cat trees
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Now that the holidays are here I will be writing about good, honest pet holiday deals. Not the rip off stuff that is all over out there, but just real good deals on quality pet products.

So today I want to tell you about the cute Kitty Hollow cat tress from CatsPLay. These cat trees are made to look like real hollow trees, complete with thick rough “bark”, which is extra carpeting.

This design makes it very easy for any cat to clime and looks super cool. You can choose from 10 different color combinations and 3 different sizes. From a small 33inch tree up to a big 63 inch one.

They all have a deep top cat bed, one to three inside hiding spots and wide stable bases. These are very good, top quality cat trees that will last a long time. I’m even thinking of getting one of these myself for my kitty Spinkie!

Right now for the holidays they are on sale for up to over $100.00 dollars off depending on what size you buy. So check out the cool Kitty Hollow cat trees today and get your cat the best cat tree ever! 🙂

Cat anxiety remedies and feline treatments

cat anxiety treatment
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A month or two ago I took a vacation for 9 days. My cat spinkie often gets distressed when I am gone away for a few days. Often she will pull her hair out, leaving a big mess when I get home.

Yes I have a friend who checks in on her, but she still gets stressed and leaves a lot of hair all over. This is caused by cat anxiety and feeling stressed by me not being there.

This last time however I decided to try Anxietrex™ for Cats, an all natural feline anxiety treatment from Vetionx. I have talked about their products before and knew they had a good reputation as a trusted all natural pet remedy company.
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National Holistic Pet Day, free offers from 1st Pet Naturals!

Get Free Vetisse Vitabsorb with purchase of any Vetisse Product.

I don’t normally post too many coupons in here, but I thought you might enjoy this one, so here it is. What’s nice about this one is that it’s good for the whole month of August, not just a few days.

National Holistic Pet Day is a day to celebrate keeping your pet’s body and mind, healthy and happy – so why not celebrate your pet’s health for the entire month? From August 1 – August 31, enjoy a FREE bottle of Vetisse Vitasorb with the purchase of any Vetisse product while using the coupon code ‘Holistic13’ on (aprox. $30 value). Now that’s what we call keeping your pet healthy!

Just click the coupon above, use the coupon code and get free stuff. Happy Holistic Pet Day Month! 🙂

More funny cats and kittens Youtube videos!

It’s time for another funny cat video! Okay so maybe I’m showing this because I’m pressed for time. 😀 But it’s a really great video, 20 minutes of some of the best and funniest cat and kitten videos.

So relax for a few minutes and have a laugh at some of these crazy cats and kitties. I promise I’ll have something more worthwhile in my next post. But what’s more important than a good laugh and feeling good!? Watch the kitties!!! 🙂

Tasty, all natural cat vitamins snacks

all natural cat vitamins snacks
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Providing cats with vitamins and minerals is important to their health and well-being. Most people do not have the nutritional knowledge to be able to provide all the nutrients pets need. Dietary supplements make the job easier, while ensuring that your cat is receiving complete nutrition.

Nupro Health Nuggets is a high-potency dietary supplement that provides the raw vitamins, minerals and amino-acids that are lacking in commercial pet food. This product promotes a healthy digestion and improves your cat’s overall health.
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All natural, herbal cat detox remedy treatment

All natural cat detox remedy
Find out more about Life Gold cat detox remedy today!

Like humans, pets are suffering from chronic health issues caused by exposure to environmental toxins. Many diseases that affect your furry friends are due in part to the toxic load they carry around with them.

Detox supplements are touted as a way to remove toxins from the body. Cat Detox from Life Gold fights against free radical damage, boosts the immune system, and helps reduce oxidative stress.
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Feline Urinary tract infection treatment

Feline urinary infection treatment
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Does your cat get urinary tract infections? Some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections in felines are soiling in inappropriate places, being visibly in pain during urination or prolonged urination, frequent urination, inability to hold urine or dribbling, excessive licking of the urinary opening, bloody, cloudy or malodorous urine, increased thirst, or vomiting and lethargy.

What are urinary tract infections and how can they be treated?

Urinary tract infections can be caused by many factors. The disease itself is caused by the presence of crystals in the bladder which cause irritation and blockage.
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