Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

I decided to check out the latest news with SeaWorld today. Seems like they are having a bit of success breeding a rare type of Seahorse called the leafy sea dragon.

What’s interesting is that the hatchlings, about 40 of them now, are floating in the big aquarium right in the Manta roller coaster ride. SeaWorld is only the sixth aquarium in the world to successfully breed leafy sea dragons.

These funny looking creatures look like twigs and leaves, great for camouflage in the ocean. They are found only off the southern and eastern coasts of Australia.
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Trying to get more articles about Orlando tropical fish!

Orlando area tropical fish

When I started this website I intended to talk about all types of pet equally. That included birds, fish and reptiles. However it seems like most of my articles are about cats and dogs.

The one type of pet I really don’t have many articles about are tropical fish. I’m sure many people in the Orlando area have some type of saltwater or freshwater fish.

But frankly I don’t know much about them, I’ve never owned any. Even the amount of fish stores in the Orlando area seems to be pretty small. I’ve wrote about 3 or 4 and I don’t know of any more except for the normal ones in places like Pet Smart and so on.
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New SeaWorld Orlando Hospital for wild dolphins

SeaWorld Orlando new dolphin hospital

I don’t often, if ever talk about any of the local theme parks here. I do that enough in my tourist site. But I wanted to tell you all about the new dolphin hospital being built by SeaWorld.

SeaWorld, located in Orlando, Florida, is using its resources to help dolphins and other cetaceans that wind up being stranded on the states beaches. The sea mammals are often injured or ill.

Because of the fear of spreading illnesses to other animals at the facility, SeaWorld discontinued the practice of taking in the stranded animals two decades ago, and that fear is not unfounded.
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Tropical fish store, aquariums in Orlando, Aquarium Fanatics

It’s time to showcase another great tropical fish and aquarium store in Orlando! This time it’s Aquarium Fanatics, right on hwy. 50 in Orlando, Florida.

If you’re serious about aquariums and the creatures that inhabit them, you simply have to check out this place! Make the drive to 5600 West Colonial Drive, Suite 309, in Orlando, and prepare to be mesmerized.

This place has all kinds of beautiful saltwater fish, brilliant corals, shrimp, anemones, clams, crabs, snails, and starfish. They also have a nice selection of protein skimmers, sumps, pumps, additives, and filters. They can service your tank, or they can custom-design an aquarium just for you.
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Fluval and whisper aquarium filters

Fluval aquarium filtersFluval aquarium filters
See all the Fluval aquarium filters at PetSmart here!

PetSmart offers a wide selection of aquarium filters perfect for all of your aquatic creatures. Aquarium filters are an important part of a properly functioning aquatic habitat.  

Aquarium filters are necessary to prevent and remove contamination, neutralize ammonia and nitrites, and collect debris from your tank. These substances can be very harmful to your fish and other aquatic pets.  

An aquarium filter is a necessary purchase if you plan on having or already have an aquarium filled with beautiful fish, turtles, or other aquatic critters.  
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World Wide Corals, tropical corals and aquariums in Orlando

World Wide Corals, tropical corals in Orlando

World Wide Corals is one of the most highly rated suppliers of trpoical Coral livestock in the US. The company has been in business for three years, featuring over 5000 gallons of pure reef. At World Wide Corals, customers can choose from rare species of corals and saltwater fish.

Unlike other similar stores, World Wide Corals delivers healthy corals that are hand selected and inspected by experts. In addition to the broad selection of live corals provided, the company sells reef-safe critters, anemones, dry goods and fish. World Wide Corals proudly presents the entire Jason Fox Signature Corals Collection.

Whether you decide visit the company’s retail store or go shopping online for live coral, you should check out the company’s website for more information about the bestselling products. This will help you decide what species of corals are suitable for your aquarium.
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Bottled Ocean, custom tropical coral reef sets and aquariums in Orlando

Bottled Ocean, Orlando area tropical reefs and aquariums

Bottled Ocean is a well established supplier of custom aquariums and custom coral reef based in the Orlando, Florida area. The company has been serving customers for over ten years, providing the highest quality aquariums for commercial and residential use.

The selection also includes custom coral reef designed to fit your aquarium and give a three-dimensional feel. When visiting Bottled Ocean, you will see that this company offers many other great products in addition to its signature-hanging reef and professional aquariums.

Customers have access to an online store featuring printed T-shirts, overstock equipment and aquarium supplies. They can order four piece coral sets, Columbia fishing shirts and other special items. None of these products contains paint or toxic substances. The company also provides wholesale reef sets at a discount price.
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Tetra freshwater tropical fish, tetra tropical fish care

Tetra freshwater tropical fish

Tetra freshwater tropical fish are the some of the most popular and common types of freshwater tropical fish. They belong to the family Characidae in the order Characiformes and come in many colors and shapes, from the Congo tetra to the Neon Tetra Fish.

These species are easy to care for in captivity and they can add color and personality to your aquarium. In general, most aquarists opt for Black Neon Tetra, Pristella Tetra, Rainbow Tetra, Black Phantom Tetra, and Blue Diamond Tetra.

These fish grow no larger than two inches, so they are suitable for all types of aquariums. It is recommended to keep ten or more fish of the same tetra species in the fish tank, as they are a schooling fish. If kept alone they will become stressed and spend the majority of their time hiding.
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Upcoming Orlando area pet events page now open!

Upcoming central Florida pet events

Alrighty everyone, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my Orlando area pet events page done, and now it’s finally open! Check it out in the top menu bar above, or go here for the Orlando pet events page.

Now, because I just opened it, there are only October to December 2010 events on it. I will start putting 2011 pet events in it in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a full pet event page that covers all the upcoming pet events in the Orlando and central Florida area.

I’ve seen a few, but they only have events they are doing themselves, or just about a few sponsored pet events. I want to have every type of pet event in my new page here.
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Upcoming pet events in Orlando, pet events in the Orlando area

upcoming pet events in Orlando

If your a pet owner or pet lover in the Orlando area, chances are you want to know about upcoming pet events here in Orlando. You can go to several different sites and see what pet event they are having.

But you can’t seem to find one site that has a list of all the different kinds of pet events that are coming up soon, or even months away. So I thought I’d make a page in my site here for that!

There actually are a lot of pet events in Orlando, lots of them. From dog washes, pet walks, fund raising pet events, pet food fairs, pet shows and lots more, you can find a pet event going on in Orlando most every week.
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