Stetson University is pet friendly for students

Stetson University lets students have pets

Now that school is back in session, the pet loving students over at Stetson University in Deland not far from Orlando have something to be happy about. It seems that Stetson has made a pet friendly dorm so students can take their pets with them.

Nemec Hall is a dorm on Stetson University that allows students to bring their pets with them, with a few exceptions. Dogs under 30 lbs. are allowed, as are cats and small caged animals.

Small fish and turtles are also allowed. However birds, most reptiles and rabbits are not allowed because of odor issues. I was a bit surprised they don’t allow birds.
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Pet store shop in Orlando, Petland

Orlando area pet shop stores, Petland

Today I thought I’d talk about one of the big pet stores here in Orlando. Actually they seem to only have two stores in Orlando, but they are a nationwide franchise.

Petland is the pet store I’m talking about today. Now when I say pet store I mean a place you can actually buy animals, not a pet supply store. Petland has been in biz for years and has many locations across the US.

Petland pet stores in Orlando carry a wide range of pets. Besides many cats and dogs they also carry birds, rabbits, many reptiles, lots of tropical fish and more. Hamsters, gerbils, ferrets and sometimes a few other types of pets.
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East Orlando Animal Hospital

East Orlando animal hospital

East Orlando Animal Hospital was founded more than 30 years ago, providing superior services in nutrition, preventive care, surgery, vaccinations, dermatology, dentistry, and internal medicine. This veterinary facility is operated by extremely knowledgeable doctors and staff who really care about the health of your pet. The clinic is AAHA accredited.

If you go to East Orlando Animal Hospital, you can request day care services for your pet, as well as grooming and spa pet services, boarding, and behavioral services. The clinic features a broad variety of veterinary services designed to cover all of your pet’s needs. Whether you have a cat, a dog, a reptile, small mammals, or birds, this is the right place to be.

East Orlando Animal Hospital offers a number of services such as physical examinations, vaccines, senior pet wellness care, preventative tests, microchip identification, nutritional counseling, allergy testing and desensitization treatments, surgical procedures, periodontal care, and stem cell therapy. You can even leave your pet at the clinic while you’re at work or talk with a counselor in case you lose your best friend.
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Tropical fish store in Orlando review, Fishy Business Aquarium

Tropical fish stores in Orlando

Fishy Business Aquarium is one of the most highly rated tropical freshwater and saltwater fish stores in the Orlando area. With over 30 years of experience, the company offers everything you could ever need for your saltwater and freshwater fish aquarium.

Here you will find the largest varieties of freshwater community fish, from Discus, Exotic Goldfish, and Cichlids. They sell tanks and dry goods there as well, like aquarium cabinetry.

The line of products you can find at this tropical fish store consists of “bio secure” koi and pond supplies, reef safe fish, big saltwater fish, coral, live rock, aquatic plants, fish food, protein skimmers, pond filters, salted reverse osmosis water, tank backgrounds, aquariums, artificial plants, and many other products.
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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA of Orlando, Florida

SPCA of central Florida

Established in 1937, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Central Florida Orlando is a non-profit charitable organization that promotes responsible human behavior toward animals. Some people refer to it as the humane society.

This animal welfare organization offers affordable medical services for pets, as well as a safe shelter for homeless animals. All funds raised by this humane society are used to help animals have a normal life in a loving environment.

The SPCA of Central Florida has a 100% adoption rate for those pets that are friendly and healthy. The organization has two shelters and two open door facility operated by volunteers. It is an open door facility, so there are no time limits on how long an animal will remain at the shelter while waiting for a living family to adopt them.
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Orlando Pet Sitting and Boarding, Preppy Pet Review

Orlando pet sitting Preppy Pet review

There are many pet sitting and pet boarding shops in Orlando. One of them is Preppy Pet near downtown Orlando. Here’s my review of this pet sitting and boarding shop for your information.

Founded in 2003, Preppy Pet of Orlando provides a safe and fun pet sitting and pet boarding environment for small animals, cats, dogs, and birds. The pet boarding resort features plenty of options and activities designed to keep your pets happy, including full grooming and obedience training.

The facilities are immaculate and the staff is professional. This place is excellent for pet daycare, pet sitting and boarding, offering lots of facilities for a reasonable price. They charge by the size of your pet and have webcams that allow you to watch your furry friend while your away.
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Orlando Tropical Fish Stores, Sea In The City Review

Sea in the city, salt water tropical fish store

There are not too many large saltwater tropical fish stores in Orlando Florida. Most tropical fish store in Orlando tend to be small in size or just one of many other components in the shop.

Sea In The City claims to be Orlando’s premier tropical fish store. This tropical fish shop offers an extensive line of aquarium supplies, including rare fish species, invertebrates, corals and sessile animals, live rock and live sand, oceanic tanks, aqua pods, tanks supplies, and aquarium food.

The place is clean, the livestock healthy and the employees know what they are talking about. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. This specialty store is staffed by experienced aquarists who are always ready to help you.

Sea in the city tropical fish store in Orlando has been involved with conservation issues and animal rescue. These people have the right answers to all your questions.
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Orlando Pet Products and pet food

Orlando area pet products and pet food

If you have a pet and live in the Orlando Fl. area, you have plenty of choices when it comes to buying pet products and pet food! Orlando is a very pet friendly city with a pet store or pet supply shop on every corner.

From big name chain pet products stores like Pet Smart and PetCo to smaller specialty pet food stores, Orlando has many places to buy your pet, pet products or pet food.

One of the hottest things to buy for your pet these days is all natural pet foods and pet toys. Orlando has many small pet food bakeries and green pet food stores, like Bark Avenue Bakery and Orlando Pet Pantry.
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Buying tropical fish for pets

Tropical fish for pets

Almost everyone at one time or another has thought about buying fish as pets. Seeing a beautiful tropical fish display at a friends house or seeing one in a store or hotel lobby makes you want to get one for your own home.

For lots of people who have small apartments or no back yards a tropical fish aquarium is the ideal way to have pets without having to have lots of room. You don’t need to walk your fish or let them play around outside!

However you should know that keeping fish is far from work and trouble free. Keeping tropical fish is even harder than freshwater fish. You need to make sure your aquarium has all the right things to make it all work well with your fish.
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Orlando area pet services, pet food and products

Orlando pet services

If your reading this, chances are your trying to figure out just what Orlando pet services is all about. Well this site is still pretty new so it may not have a whole lot to read yet. But there will be soon, and all about pets.

Orlando area pet services, like local veterinarians, Orlando pet sitting services, Orlando dog parks, Orlando pet grooming, Orlando pet shops and pet food stores. You will see many pages of all kinds of Orlando area pet services here.

But also there will be many articles helpful to anyone who has a pet. Like the top ten cat litter brands. How to get rid of fleas on your dog and cat. Guides to new pet toys and pet products.
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