Cat anxiety remedies and feline treatments

cat anxiety treatment
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A month or two ago I took a vacation for 9 days. My cat spinkie often gets distressed when I am gone away for a few days. Often she will pull her hair out, leaving a big mess when I get home.

Yes I have a friend who checks in on her, but she still gets stressed and leaves a lot of hair all over. This is caused by cat anxiety and feeling stressed by me not being there.

This last time however I decided to try Anxietrex™ for Cats, an all natural feline anxiety treatment from Vetionx. I have talked about their products before and knew they had a good reputation as a trusted all natural pet remedy company.
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All natural mange, flea and rashes remedy for dogs and cats

Best dog mange treatment product
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Dealing with bugs of one kind or another is part of being a cat or dog owner. It is horrible to think that your loving pet is picking up the bugs and suffering from it.

Common bugs are mange, scabies, and fleas that attach themselves to the pet hair, and are often quite difficult to remove.
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Holistic, natural dog anxiety medication

Best dog anxiety treatment product
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Dogs can have many similar issues to people, and one of those is anxiety. This is especially true of dogs that are rescued from poor living situations, abuse, or suffer an injury or an accident.

Dogs in these situations can’t truly heal until they can relax enough to adapt to their new healthy life. Beyond the natural fear and nervousness that can stem from bad events, dogs can also develop a sensitivity to touch and sound.
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All natural cat ear infections remedy

feline ear infections
Help your kitty fight bad ear infections today!

Just like people, cats can develop ear infections. Ear infections will irritate and hurt your cat, but she will not be able to tell you in words, so it is your job as an owner to look for the symptoms. This list of symptoms are warning signs of what to look for.
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Dog wound and cut all natural first aid spray

Canine first aid
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Healthy, active dogs will often get small wounds, cuts and bruises from exploring the neighborhood as dogs like to do, fighting with other animals, or even just playing with other dogs or cats.

Although this is a common problem, it makes sense to take care of these small cuts before they get infected and turn into much bigger issues that result in an expensive trip to the vet.

Traditional medical treatments contain harsh chemicals and anti-biotics that may affect your dog’s immune system over time or even make them sick from being licked off.
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All natural cat worms remedy

cat worms remedy
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One of the more common problems cats have is getting worms. These internal body parasites come in different forms and cause different problems for your kitty.

If you want to give your cat safe, all natural remedies then luckily for you there is a great cat worm remedy made by Pet Wellbeing that is all natural without the side effect of other medications.
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Dog ear mites all natural remedy treatment

Dog ear remedy
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Signs and Symptoms of Dog Ear Mites

Ear mites, also known as otodectic mites, are small insects that live in the ears of animals. Otodectes cynotis is usually seen in dogs. These tiny insects feed on epidermal debris and ear wax.

When left untreated, dog ear mites can produce a severe hypersensitivity reaction and cause inflammation. The ear canal can become entirely obstructed. If your furry friend has ear mites, he will rub his ears and scratch excessively.

The most common symptoms include inflammation of the ear, strong odor, black or brown waxy secretion, head shacking, and obstruction of ear canal.
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All natural herbal cat kidney disease remedy treatment

All natural cat kidney disease remedy treatment
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What Is Feline Kidney Disease?

Cat kidney disease is a common health problem in older cats. This condition is difficult to diagnose because there are not many outward signs. Age, injury, or disease can damage kidney tissue and lead to kidney failure.

In order to detect this condition in early stages, ask yourself a few questions. Is your cat drinking more water than usual? Is she sad or depressed? Did she suddenly quit eating?

All of these are signs of a possible kidney problem. Other common symptoms of feline renal disease include presence of blood in the urine, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.
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All natural cat skin care remedy

All natural cat skin care remedy
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Feline skin problems can affect cats of any age, sex or breed. The condition of your cat’s skin is a good indicator of her overall health. From stress and seasonal changes to excessive scratching, infections, and fleas, there are various factors that can affect pets’ skin.

Some of the most common cat skin diseases include contact dermatitis, eczema, feline acne, psoriasis, and flea allergy dermatitis.

Derma-IonX for cats is one of the latest products designed for felines with skin problems. This all natural remedy works with your cat’s body to help the skin repair and reduce the side effects of dermatitis, psoriasis, hives, and rashes.
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All natural remedy for dog arthritis

All natural dog arthritis herbal remedy
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One in five dogs will be diagnosed with arthritis at some point in their life. When a pet gets old, he can no longer run and explore as he used to. Canine arthritis is a very painful condition that affects older dogs.

This health condition has two forms: degenerative and inflammatory arthritis. Certain breeds of dogs face a higher risk of developing arthritis.

Canine Arthritis Symptoms

This painful disease causes joint inflammation, limping, loss of appetite, difficulty sitting or standing, lethargy, and depression. Dogs with arthritis may lose or gain weight in a short period of time.
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