Catnip Trails Inc. cat rescue in Central Florida

Catnip Trails cat rescue group

Catnip Trails is a wonderful pet rescue organization that helps abandoned and injured pets find loving homes. The group used to house pets at their own facility but now offers help through a very large network of animal rescue centers and shelters.

This organization is unique because it helps pets find homes, helps owners who can no longer be owners relinquish their pet, and it also helps owners who are trying to keep a troublesome or naughty pet.

Catnip Trails is funded by donations. When visiting their website, please don’t forget to click on the donations tab. Remember, every cent really does count. Their website also points out that many shelters need volunteers and many times the help that is needed does not involve cleaning dog poo out of cages.

Many animals need temporary foster homes and the socialization that’s learned in a home environment. There are also pets that need help with medical treatment. Catnip Trails also happily accepts donations in the form of supplies such as food, collars, and toys, just to name a few.

Catnip Trails pet rescue offers an entire page dedicated to success stories. It’s nice to see pets that were once in serious need of a home in a happy and loving environment. Many of these pets very well could be starving and in danger of losing their lives had they not been rescued.

While Catnip Trails no longer has their own facility for pets, they do still offer tons of help finding a pet as well as advice. It’s important to keep in mind what type of needs you may have in a pet as well as the needs the prospective pet may have.

The adoption page also urges pet lookers not to forget about senior pets, as many of them often go unadopted. Many senior pets are well adjusted and need no training. These pets are ready to love and be loved!

Phone: 863-439-PETS
Website: Catnip Trails


  1. Sissy Patton says:

    I’m trying to find someone to help me. I am not local but here visiting. Where I walk each day, there seems to be a HUGE feral/stray cat population. They hang in a couple parking lots at hotel, retail, restaurant. I also see them around the condominium/homes in the same area. I’ve talked to a few neighbors and I’m afraid they will soon be labelled a Nuisance. Do you know of a feline rescue group in Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral area that I could call. I’ve left a couple emails with different ones, but have not heard back from anyone. I would be happy to assist in any way possible while I am here.