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My Orlando pet site would not be complete without an article about the Disney kennel! For all the Disney guest that have pets and even those who are not going to Disney, they now have a brand new pet care facility called Best Friends Pet Care.

Disney use to have their own Disney kennel, but now they are using an outside pet care provider that works with them. No pets of any kind are allowed in any Disney resorts, hotels, theme parks, Disney buses or downtown Disney.

So if your staying at a Disney resort or going to a Disney theme park and want a place for your pet to stay, Disney kennels is now home of Best Friends Pet Care, located across Disney’s Port Orleans Resort at 2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway, Lake Buena Vista, FL, 32830.

This is the only Disney kennel on Disney property, there are no others. But what a pet care place it is! It just opened this month on the 1st in fact. This Disney kennel is a full service pet care place, where anyone can take their pets, not just Disney guest.

Some of the cool features at the new Disney kennels is:
* 17,000 square feet of air-conditioned indoor space
* 10,000 square feet of covered outdoor runs
* 25,000-square-foot dog park
* Can house 300 pets for both daytime and overnight boarding
* grooming salon
* doggy day camp
* Separate Kitty condos away from dogs
* Webcams so you can check up on your pet

Plus lots more. It’s a full service pet boarding and day care for pets place. You do not have to be a Disney guest or even going to Disney parks to use the Disney Kennel at Best Friends Pet Care.

So if you live close by the area you now have a wonderful new pet grooming and pet care facility you can use! The Disney Kennel at Best Friends Pet Care has many different levels of care and activities you can choose for your pet.

You can choose to have your pet play with other pets, cuddle time and bedtime stories (really I’m not making this up!), ice cream treats, dog walking and for cats treats such as cookies and milk or Tuna on a Ritz! 🙂

The Disney kennels at Best Friends Pet Care can take all kinds of pets, not just cats and dogs. Birds, fish, rabbits and more are welcome. However they do not allow venomous pets or exotic wildlife.

You also can choose several different kinds of pet grooming and washing services for your pet. They also have doggie day care, which is a service where you drop off your dog for the day.

They then keep your dog busy playing with other dogs, walking them and playing with them. It’s a lot better than letting your pet stay home alone all day, chewing the furniture.

So as you can see, The Disney kennels at Best Friends Pet Care is much more than just a new Disney kennel. It’s a full service pet care place for everyone. Check it out and see this great new pet care place soon!

Best Friends Pet Care, Disney Kennel
2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Phone: 877-493-9738
Fax: 203-840-5266
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