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dog bloat

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Dog bloat is a serious and often life-threatening condition that is common in dogs. Any breed can be affected, but deep-chested breeds are especially at risk, including Great Danes, Doberman pinschers, Borzois, Irish wolfhounds, Irish setters, and Boxers.

The correct term for the condition is gastric dilatation-volvulus, or GDV. With GDV, excess gas builds up in the stomach, and the stomach often twists. With this gastric torsion, the gas has no way to escape, and the blood supply to the stomach is greatly diminished.

As the stomach cells atrophy, blood poisoning could follow. The organ might rupture, too. Deep veins are also compromised, affecting the liver, the spleen, and the heart. The cause of death with stomach bloat is often shock or cardiac arrest.

Dog bloating symptoms include multiple attempts to vomit, breathing difficulties, distended abdomen, rapid heart rate, weakness, drooling, and signs of pain. If you place your ear next to your dog’s belly, you won’t be able to hear any digestive sounds.

If you see these dog bloating symptoms and think your dog has GDV, get to your vet as soon as possible – this is an emergency situation! You need to get your pet in for dog bloat treatment fast.

Veterinarians aren’t always sure what causes bloating in dogs. Stress, dog foods high in grains, foods with high citric acid, and genetic factors are among the most suspected causes.

Also, quickly gulping large amounts of water and food can lead to stomach bloat, as can engaging in exercise or rigorous play right before or right after a meal. So what is good dog bloat treatment?

To help prevent dog bloating symptoms in your dog, feed several small meals a day instead of one or two big ones. Feed your pet a diet of food high in meat and bone meal. Also, keep the dog inactive an hour before meals and an hour after meals.

Those are really the only dog bloat treatment or precautions you can do to prevent dog bloating symptoms to appear in your dog. Remember if you do see dog bloating symptoms, get your pet to the vet fast!

dog bloat

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