Doggy Derby this weekend, Jazzie will be a winner!

Orlando doggy derby

I wanted to let everyone know that this weekend, Saturday the 9th will be the Doggy Derby event at Baldwin Park! This year a good friend of mine will be racing her little doggy, and boy is she fast!

My friend Ashley has a tiny toy Schnauzer doggy named Jazzie. A toy Schnauzer is much smaller than a miniature Schnauzer, growing only up to 8 lbs or so. But Jazzie is young and very fast, especially when she knows treats are at the other end of the finish line!

Ashley has registered her lil Jazzie for this years doggy derby. So if you have a small dog your racing too, Jazzie will be one of the doggies you’ll be racing against. She’s been training and no other dog gets to her treats before her!

I will be there too, taking pictures and videos of the races. I’ll be putting some of the videos up on Youtube, so you might just see your own doggy online! So for a fun day, come on out to this years Doggy Derby at Baldwin Park this weekend! 🙂