Downey off leash dog park in Orlando

Downey off leash dog park in Orlando

Downey off leash dog park in Orlando is another nice little dog park in the Orlando area. This off leash dog park is completely fencing in and has both a small dog area and a large dog area. That’s nice if your afraid of letting your small dog run around with larger dogs.

Downey dog park is located right at the 47 acre Downey park by the lake, but dogs are not allowed in the main park. Close to the intersection of East Colonial dr. and Dean rd. you enter the park from Colonial dr.

The entrance to the fenced in dog park has two sets of doors that help keep dogs from escaping. It also has a doggy time out area you can place your dog to calm down if it get too excited.

Downey off leash dog park has plenty of benches and picnic tables to use, with a fair amount of shade from medium sized trees and shrubs. The ground is mostly dirt with some grassy areas.

If traffic noise bothers you, Downey dog park is a bit close to busy Colonial Dr. But once inside the park most people don’t notice that as they are having fun with their dog.

There are several dog watering stations in this dog park, plus doggy poop bag stations. As in all dog parks, please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your pet dog.

Downey off leash dog park is shaped a bit long and narrow, but has lots of room and is a popular dog park in the Orlando area. Having the Downey people park right next to it is a plus also, as others can walk around that part while the dog owner enjoys the dog park.

So if your looking for a nice dog park in the East side of Orlando, check out Downey off leash dog park, located off Colonial Dr. and next to Downey park. Remember it does have both a small dog and large dog section at this dog park. 🙂

Downey Dog Park
10107 Flowers Ave.
Orlando, FL 32825