Dr. Phillips Dog Park in Orlando, off leash dog park

Dog parks in the Orlando area

It’s time for another Orlando dog park review! This time it’s Dr. Phillips Dog Park, located west of SeaWorld. Most dog lovers seem to have good things to say about it, with a few complaints.

Dr. Phillips Dog Park is actually part of the Dr. Phillips community park. So you can take your whole family and have fun both inside and outside the park if others want to enjoy the human side of the park.

The area is very nice, off the main roads and in a quiet neighborhood. The general area is upscale and safe, with lots of nice family housing developments around it.

It’s an off leash dog park, fenced in and separated into a large dog and small dog area. Pet dog lovers who have small dogs often are concerned about their little doggie getting roughed up by large dogs in off leash dog parks.

So having both a large and small dog area is a plus at Dr. Phillips Dog Park in the Orlando area. The ground is mostly grass, in fact it was re-sodded not too long ago.

The people that run Dr. Phillips Dog Park treat the park with flea and tick treatments so it should be pretty free of any nasty bugs. It has dog water drinking stations and a dog wash and rinsing station.

Dr. Phillips Dog Park also has a fair amount of trees for at least a little shade, and picnic tables for people to sit down on and have a bite to eat if they want to.

You can find dog waste bags there, so please pick up after your dog, as all should in every dog park. Nothing spoils a dog park faster than dog poo! Be responsible and pick up after your dog.

Unless they changed the time, Dr. Phillips off leash Dog Park is open 7 days a week from 8 AM till 8 PM. So if your looking for a new dog park to check out, stop by Dr. Phillips Dog Park near Orlando and give it a try!

Dr. Phillips Dog Park
8249 Buenavista Woods Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32836