Faux Paws, mobile dog and cat pet grooming service in Orlando, Florida

Faux Paws mobile pet grooming of Orlando

Mobile pet grooming services in Orlando, Florida is very popular these days. Instead of taking your sweet dog or cat to a place filled with strangers and hyper animals you can have them groomed right at your home.

Faux Paws is a full working mobile dog and cat grooming service in Orlando, Florida. What makes this company so popular among customers is that it is operated by professional groomers that are certified through National Recognized Dog Grooming Organizations.

They are educated with proper techniques and handling. More than that, these people are certified and retested every two years, so you can rely on their abilities as dog and cat pet groomers.

Faux Paws mobile pet grooming of Orlando provides mobile services through their Mobile Spaw program, as well as full-body haircuts for all breeds. Pet spa services include mini or full grooming packages, nail painting, nail trims, baths, aqua massage, and teeth brushing.

Feel free to choose from a broad selection of bathing and grooming services for all types of breeds. Don’t be afraid that you will pay a fortune on these services! If you have more pets, Faux Paws will offer you spectacular discounts, as they can bathe a couple of your pets at the same time. Keep in mind that all services are price based on your pet’s coat condition and behavior.

Another remarkable thing about Faux Paws mobile pet grooming of Orlando is that they do anal glands or anal sacs. By choosing these services, you will help your furry friend stay healthy.

There are plenty of services available, including a hydro-massage with premium shampoo and conditioner and a full body haircut to suit your pet’s personality, as well as light trimming of paw pads, face, tail, feet, and sanitary area.

Keep in mind that all grooming is done up front where you can watch your pet. All in all, Faux Paws mobile pet grooming is committed to deliver a safe and hygienic grooming experience.

Whether you’re a new or a regular customer at Faux Paws mobile pet grooming, you can order gourmet cookies and products for healthy pets. These homemade cookies can be delivered to you every month upon request.

The products used by the people who work at Faux Paws are available for customers too, so that you can spoil your best friends with a royal treatment while making them look beautiful.

Faux Paws mobile pet grooming of Orlando service is excellent, especially because the groomers know what they are doing and they care. It is the pet hospitality that makes this place different, as their passion for all pets is outstanding.

So if you wish to make an appointment at Faux Paws and pamper your pet, visit the company’s website and contact the customer support by phone or email. Faux Paws mobile dog and cat pet grooming service of Orlando is a place I highly recommend! 🙂

Website: Faux Paws