Feline Urinary tract infection treatment

Feline urinary infection treatment
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Does your cat get urinary tract infections? Some of the symptoms of urinary tract infections in felines are soiling in inappropriate places, being visibly in pain during urination or prolonged urination, frequent urination, inability to hold urine or dribbling, excessive licking of the urinary opening, bloody, cloudy or malodorous urine, increased thirst, or vomiting and lethargy.

What are urinary tract infections and how can they be treated?

Urinary tract infections can be caused by many factors. The disease itself is caused by the presence of crystals in the bladder which cause irritation and blockage.

Diet and body chemistry can lead to alkaline or acidic urine which cause the blockages. A high quality, low ash and magnesium food can help prevent this. Other causes can be health conditions such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes in cats.

This is most common in adult cats, four years old and and up. Urinary tract infections are more common in male cats than female cats, but either can get this disease.

In order to properly diagnose the infection, visit your veterinarian. Then you can go about taking step to treat it. Your vet may suggest treatments such as dietary changes, anti-biotics, or surgery depending on the severity of the disease.

Preventative care

You can help your cat, especially if they are prone to urinary tract infections with preventative care using a wonderful product called Urinary Gold. It is all natural with no side effects.

Urinary Gold helps support urinary tract health through a holistic formula which will help your cat fight off the infections before they become an irritant.

The formula is designed to help maintain a normal and comfortable flow of urine, support normal pH in the bladder, and help maintain immunity in the kidney and bladder. It also helps your cat keep a normal frequency of urination, meaning fewer accidents for you.

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