Fleet Peeples Dog Park of Orlando Florida Review

Fleet Peeples dog park of Orlando

There are many dog parks in the Orlando Florida area. Fleet Peeples dog park of Orlando is a very popular one as well as one of the biggest. Here’s my review of this fine dog park in Orlando.

The Friends of Fleet Peeples dog Park is one of the most visited off leash dog parks in Orlando, Florida. It features a number of facilities, including benches, tables, fenced area, water, restrooms, lake and boat parking, handicap access, two pavilions with grills, lights, trees, boat ramp, and more.

This is an amazing place where your dog can have hours of off leash fun and make new canine friends. This shady fenced in dog park covers 23.16 acres and features a lake to swim in as well as plenty of space to run. The lake is huge and dogs that love water will have a blast.

The dog owners are watching their pets all the time, so there’s nothing to worry about. They do clean up after their furry friends and there are no problems with aggressive dogs, or at least rarely. The Friends of Fleet Peeples dog Park in Orlando has lots of trees for the pets to explore.

They do have two dog wash areas to clean your pet up a little bit before you go home. You can bring your own dog shampoo and give your dog a good bath before heading out.

The Friends of Fleet Peeples dog Park in Orlando is a beautiful place, fun for the pets and the kids too. The dog water fountains, the large area fenced with picnic tables, and the other amenities turn this place into an oasis of relaxation for both humans and pets.

The park is well-maintained and features a wooded section where you can walk the trails with your furry friend. Beyond the lake there are pavilions, benches, and bathrooms. You can bring your pet and read a book, have a picnic, or have fun with some of your friends.

The place is completely fenced in, so you can take your dog off the leash. The park has lots of doggie bags and trash cans, as well as a dog bath area with hoses. Some people go there all day and have barbecues with their family. This is a great place with the best of both worlds.

There’s nothing more exciting than the sight of the dogs rolling around in the sand and chasing after tennis balls! The Friends of Fleet Peeples dog Park in Orlando is by far one of the best dog parks in Orlando, so take your furry friend and get ready to have fun.

Don’t forget to read the rules in order to have the most enjoyment out of the park. If you have a dog you’ll want to check out this beautiful dog park. I hope you enjoyed my Fleet Peeples dog park of Orlando review.

Fleet Peeples Dog Park of Orlando
2000 South Lakemont Avenue, Winter Park, FL. 32789