Florida Little Dog Rescue in St. Cloud

Florida little dog rescue

Florida Little Dog Rescue of Central Florida has the mission to save abandoned pets from death row. This organization rehabilitates unwanted little dogs, places them in foster homes and offers them for adoption. Each dog is examined by a vet and spayed/ neutered before being adopted.

Bringing home a new dog is exciting and fun. However, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you decide to adopt a pet. Too many little dogs are abandoned by their owners who say that the pet “was too much work”.

It is important that you find out which dog is right for you, what medical care will he need and how to train him. Learn about the most common behavioral problems in little dogs and search for information about the breed you are interested in.

At Little Dog Rescue, you can always find someone to answer your questions about adopting a pet. The organization is operated by volunteers who spend time with the pets offered for adoption and evaluate their behavior towards other animals and children.

Before adopting a dog, you can foster one in order to find out whether you are ready to live with a pet or not. As a volunteer, you will offer food, shelter and a secure environment. If the dog you choose doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can take him back.

The organization gives pet lovers the possibility to save a dog from death row by paying a small fee for immediate medical care. Many of these pets need an Angel to offer them a chance to a better life.

So if your thinking of getting a dog or want to offer help or volunteer your time, please visit the Florida Little Dog rescue website below and see how you can help save a little dogs life. 🙂

Florida Little Dog Rescue
PO Box 702364 St. Cloud, FL 34770
Phone: 407-279-1127
Florida Little Dog Rescue


  1. We have a norfolk terrier I took from my neighbor because he was beating the dog.We took him and had all his shots.He is just too much for us to handle,and is disrupting our household.He is about 1.5 years old.please help us find him a new home!

  2. Hi there Mark, I’m sorry to hear that. However I just wrote about the rescue place, I’m not part of it. Please click their website link at the end of the article above and send them an email. I’m sure they can help you, thanks.