Fur and feathers pet resort in Orlando Florida reviews

Fur and feathers pet boarding

Fur & Feathers is a pet resort in the Orlando, Florida area featuring 10,000 square feet of living space. This is my review of the pet resort. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a bird, this is the place to go. The resort has 20 luxury suites and 100 beautiful kennels, offering a wide range of amenities to make your pet feel comfortable while you’re on a holiday.

At Fur & Feathers pet resort of Orlando, your pets will enjoy various facilities such as an all breed grooming salon, daycare programs for dogs, specious kennels and play parks, internal climate control, modern grooming and cleaning systems, daily exercise and fun activities, linen service, and more.

There are plenty of activities designed for your dog, including doggy manicure, teeth brushing, daily brushing, petting session, extra outs, games, and potty breaks. The suits available at Fur & Feathers are designed to provide superior comfort to your dog.

One very unique feature they have is the option to see your pet in it’s room via webcam, how cool is that! You can actually check in on your pet at any time and see your pet on webcam for your piece of mind.

They have color TV, lighted running water fountain, solid French glass doors, toys, and other luxury amenities. The resorts also features a dog park fully equipped with exercise equipment and a beautiful outdoor play area. The staff is always friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Fur & Feathers pet resort in Orlando is a great place for cats too. This luxury resort has multi-level cat compartments and a 300 gallon salt water aquarium to entertain your furry friend. There are lots of activities available, from daily brushing and playtime sessions to complete programs consisting of stretch and exercise.

If you want to make your pet happy, opt for a Happy Bath, a massage, a nail trim, or a full-body haircut. Fur & Feathers pet resort of Orlando offers hair care treatments for dogs with frizzy hair, as well as skin treatments, parasite and tick removal programs, and tooth-brushing.

Birds need special care, so don’t hesitate to contact Fur & Feathers whenever you are traveling far away from home. The Fur and Feathers Aviary has 15 individual bird units designed for regular and small size birds.

The resort provides gram scale for regular weight checks, cage paper, perches, refrigerators, night lights, and bottled water. All in all, Fur & Feathers is a family owned facility where you can leave your furry friends every time you have to travel.

The amenities offered are modern and safe, while the space available for play and fun will make your pets feel like home. If you wish to make a reservation, fill in the short form located on the company’s website at Fur and Feathers pet resort in Orlando, Florida. I hope you enjoyed my review of Fur and Feathers Pet Resort!

Fur & Feathers Pet Resort
1230 Winter Garden/Vineland Road
Winter Garden, Florida 34787
Phone: (407) 905-6088
Fax: (407) 905-6288


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