Groom Grub and Belly Rub pet grooming services in Orlando

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Once again it’s time for a spotlight on an Orlando area pet services shop. This time I’ve picked Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub pet grooming and services in Orlando. This place seems to offer just about everything for your pet!

Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub is much more than just a pet grooming service, it’s a full pet care shop. Besides pet grooming and washing they offer pet sitting, pet boarding, pet walking, dog training and sell pet food and supplies.

The owners of Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub are certified dog trainers and behavioralists. They specialize in cage free dog and cat grooming and give each pet special attention. They also state they groom birds and exotic animals.

Because of that they are not a volume based pet service shop, valuing quality care and attention to their services. Their groomers are certified by the National Dog Groomers Association and have show dog experience.

You can pick from different levels of pet grooming packages, from a basic wash and groom up to a full wash, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, flea and tick package, AKC pet fur trimming and more.

They also have a Furminator/Coat King package that reduces shedding in breeds that have thick, double coated fur. All packages have prices clearly desplayed on their website.

Besides full pet grooming services in Orlando, Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub also has many different dog training packages you can choose from. From puppy training, tricks and other packages they have just the right dog training program for you.

As if that was not enough, Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub also offers pet sitting and pet boarding services in the Orlando area. They will come to your home at scheduled times and care for your pet while your away.

Or if you prefer a pet boarding service, they offer unique cage free pet boarding as well as doggie day care services. They have several outside play areas for your pet to run and have fun with.

Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub also offers dog walking, off leash trail walking and even dog swimming options. Again all packages are clearly shown on their website.

Finally you can also find quality, fresh and all natural dog and cat pet food as well as pet supplies. They also have raw pet foods that are healthy for your pet.

As you can see, Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub is a very full service pet grooming, pet sitting and pet training shop. They seem to really take an interest in your pet and treat them as their own. Check out their website for all their pet services.

Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub
3702 Avalon park east Blvd. Orlando, FL. 32828
Phone: 407-277-PETS
Groom, Grub & Belly Rub