JM Canine Services, dog training service in the Orlando area

JM Canine service, dog training in the Orlando area

Located in Central Florida, JM Canine Services is owned and operated by John McGrath. McGrath is a certified dog trainer with sixteen years of experience with canines.

Often referred to as “The dog whisperer of Central Florida,” McGrath has a unique philosophy about dog training. He doesn’t believe in “treat training,” for one thing. He believes that positive reinforcement, consistency, exercise, and socialization are all key to proper dog behavior.

JM Canine Services offers several different types of training, so you’ll find one that fits your schedule. One is the six-week obedience class.

These classes meet for one hour per week, and you’ll have a choice of four different locations. These classes address minor behavioral problems and teach the sit, sit-stay, come, heel, down, and down-stay commands.

If you like the idea of professional dog training but don’t have time to devote to classes, you might be interested in the Ten Day In-Kennel Program. With this, you’ll leave your dog with John for ten days, and it will learn all the basic commands.

If your pooch has a problem with excessive barking, housebreaking, or jumping up on people, these will be addressed, too. You and your family are welcomed and encouraged to visit your dog during the ten-day period.

On day eleven, you’ll get in on the training. About seven days after your dog returns home, John will do an in-home session to assess the progress of you and your dog.

If you prefer to have your dog trained in your home, John can do that, too. First, John will meet with you and your dog to assess the pooch and discuss a training program with you.

With this program, the family members will learn along with the dog. No matter how big or serious your dog’s problems are, John can help! So check out JM Canine Services today and get your dog trained right!

JM Canine Services
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JM Canine Services