Lovey Loaves Pet And Home Care in Orlando

Lovey Loaves pet and home care in Orlando

What do you do with your pets when you travel? A large percentage of animals don’t enjoy traveling, and even when they do, many hotels don’t accept pets. Your options are somewhat limited.

Sure, you can board them while you’re away, but most dogs and cats aren’t happy when they’re out of their familiar surroundings without their master. You could ask a neighbor to care for your animals when you can’t be home, but you hate to be such an imposition. What’s the answer? Lovey Loaves Pet and Home Care!

If you live in the East Orlando area, Lovey Loves can take loving care of your furkids when you travel out of town on business or for pleasure. What can this great service do for you? They offer dog walking, potty breaks, play time, feeding and watering, and giving medications.

Lovey Loaves can also take your pet to the veterinarian, daycare, or the groomer, and they can pick up any pet supplies you need. Each service is priced separately, so you can customize the service by choosing only the ones you need.

In addition to dogs and cats, Lovey Loaves can take care of your fish, along with other caged animals like birds and hamsters.

Even if you don’t have any pets, you’ll find Lovey Loaves extremely helpful. They can take care of your home when you’re away, too. They’ll collect your mail, water your plants, and adjust your blinds and lights.

This is a great deterrent to burglars because from the outside, it will look as if someone’s home. If you’re expecting a repairman but can’t be there when he’s scheduled to arrive, Lovey Loaves can be. They can also clean your house for you.

Lovey Loaves is run by Cheri Wells, who has a Bachelor’s Degree from Rollins College. Currently, she’s working on a certificate for Humane Leadership from Duquesne University. Cheri loves animals and is very active in the local pet community, serving as a volunteer.

If you have a need for a pet sitter while your away, or want someone to care for your house also while your gone, take a look at what Cheri Wells from Lovey Loaves Pet and Home Care can do for you.

Lovey Loaves Pet and Home Care
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Lovey Loaves Pet and Home Care