Meadow Woods dog park, off leash dog park in Orlando review

Meadow woods dog park in Orlando

Orlando has many dog parks and fenced in off leash dog parks. Located in the heart of the Meadow Woods Community, Meadow Woods Dog Park in Orlando is designed for both small and large dog breeds, featuring water fountains, picnic tables with seats, and walking paths.

They also have hoses where pet owners can wash off their dogs. Meadow Woods Dog Park is fenced in so you can let your pet run free. It has both a small dog and large dog fenced in areas. Meadow woods dog park serves pet owners living in the south central part of the county.

The dog park area covers about 3 acres in size, plenty of room for dogs to run. You can find doggie waste bags in the park to pick up after your dog. This dog park does not have any shade trees however, something to keep in mind on hot summer days.

If you’re planning to visit this park, you should know that it is not allowed to bring sick dogs or dogs in heat. Dogs are permitted to run off-leash, but you have to keep your furry friend leashed upon entering and exiting.

The area is clean and maintained well, so that your pet will have a great time running around and playing with other dogs. At Meadow woods off leash dog park, both humans and pets can take a nature walk, relax, and spend quality time.

There are several amenities for pet owners just outside the fenced in dog area, including a couple of drinking fountains, a basketball court, benches, and cement walkways. The park also features a large playground for children, covered seating for humans and more.

Many seem to love this place and have good things to say about it. The park is located in a relatively quiet area so it’s relaxing. Like most off leash dog parks, Meadow Woods Dog Park has water fountains for both humans and pets. If you wish to offer your furry friend a different experience, then you should considering visiting this special place.

Meadow Woods Dog Park
1751 Rhode Island Woods Circle
Orlando, FL 32824