Mount D.O.R.A. dog park, off leash dog park in Mount Dora

Mount D.O.R.A. dog park

Located at the eastern end of 11th Avenue, Mount D.O.R.A Dog Park in Mount Dora features a off leash dog recreation area specifically designed for your furry friend. Unlike other similar places, this park uses 100% natural, animal safe products that protect the environment.

If your pet has the necessary social skills to make your visit safe, then you should take him for a walk and spend some quality time together. Mount D.O.R.A Dog Park is a safe and secure facility for both humans and pets. Opened in June 30, 2007, the park has separate fenced areas for large and small dogs.

There is also a third fenced in area that seems to be used as a doggie time out area, or for those not really sure what area to place their dog. Seems to be a bit of a gray area with this one.

Pet owners and their furry friends have access to various amenities, including water stations with bowls, benches for humans, waste stations with bags supplied, double-gated entry areas, restrooms, and green spaces.

If you’re planning to visit Mount Dora dog park, then you should know a few things. Even if you decide to leave your dog off leash, you still need to have a leash in your possession. It is not allowed to bring toys or food for your dog inside the park.

Alcoholic beverages, dog treats, and baby strollers are prohibited too. When visiting this place, you need to keep park gates closed and watch for dogs on the other side.

Be aware that your dog must be at least four months of age in order to have access in the park. If your pet barks excessively or has an aggressive behavior, then you are not allowed to bring him at Mount D.O.R.A Dog Park.

Keep in mind the rules listed above and you will have a great time when visiting Mount D.O.R.A Dog Park. Encourage your pet to make friends and socialize with other dogs, play with him, and leave the park in better condition than you found it.