New SeaWorld Orlando Hospital for wild dolphins

SeaWorld Orlando new dolphin hospital

I don’t often, if ever talk about any of the local theme parks here. I do that enough in my tourist site. But I wanted to tell you all about the new dolphin hospital being built by SeaWorld.

SeaWorld, located in Orlando, Florida, is using its resources to help dolphins and other cetaceans that wind up being stranded on the states beaches. The sea mammals are often injured or ill.

Because of the fear of spreading illnesses to other animals at the facility, SeaWorld discontinued the practice of taking in the stranded animals two decades ago, and that fear is not unfounded.

The Miami SeaQuarium lost a number of their animals after they were exposed to some rescued pilot whales that were infected with a deadly virus.

SeaWorld has solved the contamination problem by constructing the new 40,000-gallon pool in a far corner of the park, with a separate sewage system and its own water-filtration system.

The rescue hospital area will also have its own areas for preparing food and for employees to shower. All these precautions should keep the regular cetacean population at SeaWorld safe from any possible diseases brought in by rescued animals.

Waiting final approval, the hospital should open soon, and an orphaned whale calf from the Keys might be its first patient. Guests to SeaWorld won’t be able to view any of the recuperating dolphins or whales. The area is protected by a tall barbed wire-topped fence.

SeaWorld has a long history of animal rescues, and over the years, it’s helped over 18,000. Critics, however, are questioning SeaWorld’s motives, afraid that the park might be rescuing cetaceans to add genetic diversity to their existing captive population.

In response to the suspicions raised by animal activists, SeaWorld explains that only five of their 200 plus cetaceans were rescued from the wild due to injury or illness.

If you work at SeaWorld or even better if your one of the rescue folk I’d love to hear from you. This sounds like a great idea, unless I’m missing something. 🙂