Orlando Pet Services Advertising

Orlando Pet Services advertising

Orlando Pet Services is a year old website dedicated to bringing readers news about the Central Florida pet scene. You can find one of the best pet events pages here, plus many articles about the local pet shops and services in the Orlando and Central Florida area.

Right now Orlando Pet Services gets over 1,000 page views a day, most of them from local pet owners searching for nearby pet services and supplies. Listing you’re pet site here will put you in front of people actively searching for your service or products!

There are several different ways to get your site listed on here, each one with a different cost. They are:


  • Basic directory page Pet listing (FREE!)
  • Upgraded directory page Pet listing
  • Pet articles in the blog section (FREE!)
  • Ads in the sidebar seen site-wide

Here is what you get and the cost of each of the above:

Basic Pet directory page Listing
All basic pet listings in the pet directory services pages are free! For example, if you have a pet walking service and want to have it listed in the “Pet Sitting/Walking” directory page listing, it’s free. The listing will have a small picture, a few words about your site, your address and phone number.

Basic pet directory page listings will NOT include your website link, or link to your website. I can make the picture for you from your site or you can send me one to use. Check to see if your already listed.

Upgraded Pet directory page Listings
If you want to upgrade your basic pet directory listing, there are two choices.

Step one upgrade
For the first one I will add a link to your website, which improves your listing considerably. I also will make your picture bigger and add more text to your description.

Cost for this first upgrade is $5.00 per month or $50.00 per year.

Step two upgrade
For a little more you can get the second level upgrade. This one includes everything in the step one upgrade, plus makes your listing appear in the top two listings. Also on that page your banner will appear in the sidebar, 300 X 200 pixels large linking to your website!

Cost for this second level upgrade is $12.00 per month or $120.00 per year.

Pet articles in the blog section
I write about many different pet services and shops in the Central Florida area in my blog, which is very popular. If you want me to do an article about your pet site, it is 100% free! I will even include a link to your website.

Other: banner ads in the sidebar

For maximum exposure you can buy a banner ad spot in the right sidebar. These will be seen on every page for the best results. You have two options, a small or large sidebar banner ad.

Small banner ads
In the sidebar toward the top you will see a block of four banner ads, each 140 X 140 pixels square. These are seen on every page on this site. I can make the banner for you or you can send me one to use. These banner ads get the maximum exposure on this site.

Your 140 x 140 ad will also be displayed on my local Orlando tourist site, which gets over 2,000 page views a day. It will be in the sidebar like here and displayed on every page. Check out the site here:
Orlando Inside

Cost for each 140 x 140 banner ad is $20.00 per month or $200.00 per year.

Large banner ads
You also can get a large 300 X 250 pixel size ad in the sidebar, those are the same size as the top kitty mansions ad. It will be placed in the top half of the sidebar. These also will be seen on every page, I can make the banner or you can send me one to use.

In addition your large ad will also be displayed in the sidebar of my local Orlando tourist site, which gets over 2,000 page views per day. Check the link above to see it.

Cost for each 300 X 250 banner ad is $40.00 per month or $400.00 per year.

How to pay and/or ask me more

Once I know what you want and need I will send you an invoice to pay, except for free services of course. Feel free to ask me anything at all about any of my services. Remember basic pet service listings and pet blog articles are always free! 🙂

You can pay by PayPal or any major credit or debit card. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account. Use my email below to tell or ask me about any of the advertising packages above.