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Photohound pet photography

Photohound is a pet photography service in Orlando, Florida offered by Erica Matyas. Matyas is a lifelong animal lover, and that’s obvious by looking at her photographs.

She has a unique talent for capturing the animal’s soul and personality along with its physical appearance. Many of the photographs are whimsical in nature, providing a playful three-dimensional attitude to a two-dimensional picture.

To get the best possible depictions of your pet, Erica will take lots of photos in a session. These might be indoors, in a “pose,” or the photographs might be shot outdoors as candid photos.

Erica won’t get in a big hurry. She’ll take her time to make sure she gets a great selection of shots. And since she’s wonderful with animals, this shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish. She even provides treats!

Once the photographs have been taken, they’ll be processed digitally and retouched. Erica will use her magic and creativity to add a finishing touch to each image. After all that has been done, she’ll organize and re-size the photos.

She’ll upload the results, providing you with a private gallery online. You’ll find the photo gallery easy to navigate, and it will help you choose and order the specific photos you want to purchase.

A session for one dog is priced at $300, which includes $100 credit towards purchase. You’ll have from thirty to fifty images from which to choose. Have two furkids? A two-dog session is $400, and you’ll have fifty to seventy images.

You’ll get $100 worth of credit for purchases, too. A session for three dogs is $500 and includes up to ninety images. Again, you’ll receive a $100 gift credit towards prints and products.

Photohound serves Orlando, Winter Park, Central Florida, and other locations. Visit the Photohound pet photography in Orlando site today and be amazed by the pet pics!

Photohound Pet Photography
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Photohound Pet Photography