Safe N Sound pet animal shelter in the Orlando area

Safe N Sound pet shelter

Safe n Sound is a small non-profit, no-kill pet shelter in Central Florida that rescues mother dogs and puppies from a number of venues, including puppy mills, the streets, pet stores, former pet owners, and the ASPCA.

The Maitland group also rescues small-breed dogs from death row at kill shelters. Once rescued, Safe n Sound places the dogs and puppies in their unique facility or in foster homes.

What’s so unique about their facility? Unlike most other shelters, the animals aren’t kept in cages. Instead, a home-like environment is used. During the day, the dogs are allowed to roam freely about the shelter, and there’s an indoor sunroom-playroom and a fenced-in yard.

Safe n Sound even provides the pooches with a swimming pool and lots of toys! The rescued dogs and puppies receive lots of individual attention, along with basic training and social skills. This results in happy, healthy, well adjusted canines that are ready to go to their forever homes.

Safe n Sound is family owned, and utilizes five family members, five volunteers, five committee members, two on-call dog trainers, and thirty foster families. Dogs and puppies available for adoption can be seen at several locations and events, including festivals, dog park meet-ups, expos, the Altamonte Springs Petco, and the Orlando Petco located on East Colonial Drive.

Before you can adopt a pet from Safe n Sound, you’ll need to fill out an application, provide references, and submit to a home and yard inspection. The shelter strives to make sure that their little charges are going to loving homes. For more information see details below.

Safe N Sound animal shelter
P.O. Box 941311
Maitland, FL 32794-1311
Phone: (407) 830-9781
Visit their website:
Safe N Sound animal shelter