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SPCA of central Florida

Established in 1937, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Central Florida Orlando is a non-profit charitable organization that promotes responsible human behavior toward animals. Some people refer to it as the humane society.

This animal welfare organization offers affordable medical services for pets, as well as a safe shelter for homeless animals. All funds raised by this humane society are used to help animals have a normal life in a loving environment.

The SPCA of Central Florida has a 100% adoption rate for those pets that are friendly and healthy. The organization has two shelters and two open door facility operated by volunteers. It is an open door facility, so there are no time limits on how long an animal will remain at the shelter while waiting for a living family to adopt them.

The people who work at the SPCA of Central Florida are knowledgeable, courteous and kind and they definitely know what they’re doing. The medical services offered by the two clinics have very low prices, so be patient in making your appointments because there are many pet owners who rely on this organization.

Visit the SPCA of Central Florida, or humane society of Orlando to see pictures of animals that need to be adopted. The organization’s website features lots of helpful articles about pet adoption, volunteering, animal care, and more.

Keep in mind that the SPCA of Central Florida is not a government agency, so it doesn’t receive any funds from national organizations. You are the only one who can support this facility to provide the goods needed to help homeless animals.

This charitable organization has received almost 14,000 companion animals every year from people who were unable to take proper care of them. Most of these animals are purebred, while the others are beautiful mixed breeds.

The SPCA of Central Florida receives any domesticated animal, although dogs and cats are preferred. The facility accepts all pets regardless of their behavior, age, size, breed, health condition, or temperament.

If you wish to adopt a pet at the humane society of central Florida, you have to go to one of the shelters provided by the SPCA of Central Florida, check out the animals available for adoption, and choose a pet. Furthermore, you will be required to complete an application form and wait for an answer.

All animals are spayed/ neutered before leaving with their new owners. Whether you decide to become a volunteer and take care of homeless animals or adopt a pet, visit the SPCA of Central Florida and talk with a representative.

SPCA of Central Florida (humane society)
2727 Conroy Rd (formerly Americana Blvd)
Orlando, FL 32839
Phone: 407-351-7722
SPCA of Central Florida