Dog bloating symptoms, dog bloat treatment

dog bloat

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Dog bloat is a serious and often life-threatening condition that is common in dogs. Any breed can be affected, but deep-chested breeds are especially at risk, including Great Danes, Doberman pinschers, Borzois, Irish wolfhounds, Irish setters, and Boxers.

The correct term for the condition is gastric dilatation-volvulus, or GDV. With GDV, excess gas builds up in the stomach, and the stomach often twists. With this gastric torsion, the gas has no way to escape, and the blood supply to the stomach is greatly diminished.

As the stomach cells atrophy, blood poisoning could follow. The organ might rupture, too. Deep veins are also compromised, affecting the liver, the spleen, and the heart. The cause of death with stomach bloat is often shock or cardiac arrest.
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