Cat outdoor pet houses and cottages

Outdoor cat houses
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Choosing the right pet house ensures the comfort and safety of your cat or dog in all weather conditions. The outdoor pet houses from Cats Play are beautifully handcrafted from eco friendly materials and have unique designs.

Some of them feature round doors, removable roofs, and easy to install panels. These unique pet houses are designed to shelter your furry friends from the sun, wind, rain, and cold.

Cats Play specializes in outdoor cat houses. An exclusive selection of dog houses is available too. All houses can be insulated if you live in a cold weather area.
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Custom made cat tree houses by Pet Tree Houses!

Quality cat tree houses by Pet Tree Houses

Didn’t you want a tree house when you were a kid? Well, guess what – your pets would love one, too! Pet Tree Houses are super-cool inventions that have received national acclaim.

In fact, they were featured on the Today Show, and they received an award at the Global Pet Expo. Cat Fancy magazine even gave them the Editor’s Choice Award. These cat tree houses are truly taking the pet world by storm.

Pet Tree Houses look like real trees, probably because they’re made from actual dragonwood trees. I don’t mean the wood from dragonwood trees – I mean the trunks themselves, in their natural state, including bark, branches, twisted trunks, moss, and all.
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