Christmas savings on Kitty Hollow cat trees!

Cat trees
Click here and get deep holiday savings on Kitty Hollow cat trees today!

Now that the holidays are here I will be writing about good, honest pet holiday deals. Not the rip off stuff that is all over out there, but just real good deals on quality pet products.

So today I want to tell you about the cute Kitty Hollow cat tress from CatsPLay. These cat trees are made to look like real hollow trees, complete with thick rough “bark”, which is extra carpeting.

This design makes it very easy for any cat to clime and looks super cool. You can choose from 10 different color combinations and 3 different sizes. From a small 33inch tree up to a big 63 inch one.

They all have a deep top cat bed, one to three inside hiding spots and wide stable bases. These are very good, top quality cat trees that will last a long time. I’m even thinking of getting one of these myself for my kitty Spinkie!

Right now for the holidays they are on sale for up to over $100.00 dollars off depending on what size you buy. So check out the cool Kitty Hollow cat trees today and get your cat the best cat tree ever! 🙂

Custom made cat tree houses by Pet Tree Houses!

Quality cat tree houses by Pet Tree Houses

Didn’t you want a tree house when you were a kid? Well, guess what – your pets would love one, too! Pet Tree Houses are super-cool inventions that have received national acclaim.

In fact, they were featured on the Today Show, and they received an award at the Global Pet Expo. Cat Fancy magazine even gave them the Editor’s Choice Award. These cat tree houses are truly taking the pet world by storm.

Pet Tree Houses look like real trees, probably because they’re made from actual dragonwood trees. I don’t mean the wood from dragonwood trees – I mean the trunks themselves, in their natural state, including bark, branches, twisted trunks, moss, and all.
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Mushroom cat trees furniture from Cats Play!

Mushroom shaped cat tree furniture from Cats Play!
Click here to see more about this mushroom shaped cat tree furniture now!

There are a lot of different types of cat trees out there, but this is the first time I ever saw one shaped like a mushroom! So I thought I’d show you it and give some info about it.

Cat’s Play is the number 1 place to find custom made cat tree furniture of all kinds. They have many that are shaped like flowers, real trees and even cactus!

This cool looking cat tree furniture is made with thick, loose carpet to give it a texture just like a mushroom. The tall model has two platforms and a top cat bed tub, stands 48 inches tall.
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New Kitty Mansions cat trees store open!

Kitty Mansions cat trees

Click here to see all the Kitty Mansions cat trees!

I noticed that many have been buying those Kitty Mansions cat trees you see a banner of in my left sidebar. So, I decided to make a full page of those cat trees right in my site!

You can see the link to it in the pages menu at the top left sidebar, or click the Kitty Mansions cat trees banner. Once you are at my site page you can see all of the most popular Kitty Mansions cat trees for sale.

Kitty Mansions cat trees are high quality and well known. They have 42% thicker fabric than the competition and wide stable bases so they will not tip over.
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Kitty Mansions, quality cat tree and cat houses play furniture

If you have a cat, you know they love to climb. Buying a quality cat tree, cat house or other type of cat furniture will keep them happy, busy and healthy, as well as provide entertainment for you.

Kitty Mansions is your premiere source for superior quality cat trees and cat furniture. This online specialty shop delivers small, medium, and large cat trees, as well as cat toys and collars, replacement parts, cat houses, scratching posts, and cat condos. The best thing about these products is that they are designed to allow your cat to play, scratch, and take naps in.

It is important to know that small cat trees can hold up to two cats, while medium cat trees are big enough for four cats. You should opt for large trees if you have several cats who love playing together.
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