Cute kitten YouTube video

I don’t normally post a quick pet video here, but frankly I’ve been having some problems with my websites. So I don’t have much time to make in-depth post for a few days. So instead I thought I’d share this video.

It’s a really cute kitten named marshmallow and the name really matches her looks! She’s a cute fluff ball and it shows her doing a bunch of cute stuff. A little break from real life for a few minutes.

At least for you, I’ve got to keep working on my sites and figure out how to fix the mess I made on some! I’ll have a normal post on here next time, unless I really screw things up! 🙂

Cute and funny kittens and cats youtube video

Every once in a while I like to post a bit of fun fluff on here! 🙂 So today I picked out a really good funny cats and kittens youtube video for you all to watch. Most of the time they are not as good as you think they will be.

But this one has some pretty good ones, from very funny to just really cute. Only one about half way through the video does not seem all that great. It’s a pretty long one but worth it.

So when you have the time to just sit back and enjoy some funny cats or cute kittens, watch this youtube cat and kittens video. Nothing cheers you up faster than cute kittens and funny cats! 😀

Funny cat videos, cat who likes water

Today I thought I would give you a funny cat video to watch. This one is different because it’s about a cat that seems to really like getting wet! In the video this cat sticks it’s head right under a running kitchen facet several times.

It seems to love doing that which is rather odd for a cat. My own kitty Spinkie use to jump on my bathroom sink and drink the water from the facet. But she would never put her whole head under the water.

I finally got her a cat drinking fountain so now she can drink from that anytime she wants and not bother me in the bathroom! Anyways check out this funny cat video, it’s really cool to watch. 🙂

Do cats need sunlight to be healthy and get vitamin D?

Do cats need sunlight?

Since many cats are indoor cats, I often hear the question do cats need sunlight to be healthy? Many animals, including humans, get vitamin D from exposure to the sunlight.

So many cat owners assume that cats also need sunlight to be healthy and produce vitamin D. But the simple answer is no, cats do not need sunlight. Sunlight in fact does not do anything at all as far as their health goes.

The sun’s rays do not penetrate the thick fur of a cat, so it does nothing for it. A cat gets vitamin D through it’s food, which is a good reason to make sure your feeding it quality cat food.
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All About Cats For The Orlando Area

Hi welcome to Orlando Pet Services! This page is all about cats and has an abundant amounts of information regarding your beloved cat/kitten. Orlando Pet Services will offer grooming tips, health tips, and some favorite consumer supplies for your pet.

Many first time pet owners of feline/cats have no idea how to care for their pet and they want to give their cat/kitten the best care possible. Cat owners want to know how to use flea preventative and wonder which product works the best or which pet shops in Orlando have the best cat/kitten food? Your cat might be frisky and like to play with toys especially if you have a kitten. Sometimes the simplest things entertain your companion.

I will be talking about many local cat veterinarian listings in the Orlando area as well as any other types of products for your cat that you may want information for, so if there are any questions you have and you cannot find them here, then e-mail me your questions and I will surely get back to you.

This site will answer many of your questions about your loving cat/feline, so look around and there might be some funny/entertaining stories about the local cats in the Orlando area!