New Woof Gang bakery and grooming in Lake Mary!

Gourmet dog treats at Woof Gang Bakery

Once again a new Woof Gang bakery is opening up in the Orlando area! It seems like there are quite a few of them around here now. I’m not sure just how many there are but I’d say at least 8 or more in the Orlando area.

This one will be opening up in the Lake Mary area, full address is:
Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Lake Mary
1210 South International Parkway Suite 118
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

This Woof Gang bakery also has a grooming service, something that many of the new ones seem to have now. Some of the old ones have added pet grooming services also.

The grand opening is this weekend, Feb. 11th 2012 and they open at 9:00 AM. The first 20 dogs in get free treats for a year! This particular Woof Gang franchise store is operated by Paul Allen, if I’m not mistaken.

So if you want some free doggie treats for a year, try to be one of the first 20 in on opening day. Or just swing by anytime that day and check out this brand new Woof Gang bakery and grooming in Lake Mary. 🙂

Chews Naturally, local pet treats shop

Orlando area pet treats shop

Today I’d like to spotlight another local healthy pet treats shop, called Chews Naturally. They have a great online store where you can buy their many tasty pet treats from.

Do you ever put much thought into what you’re feeding your dog? Many dog owners are getting pretty savvy about the ingredients in the pet food they buy, but they might completely ignore the ingredients in their dog’s treats and chews.

If you’re picky about your pet’s food, shouldn’t you be just as selective when it comes to other things your pooch will ingest? The answer is a resounding “yes”!
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DOGgone Gourmet Treats doggie bakery in Orlando

DOGgone treats, Orlando dog bakery

DOGgone Gourmet Treats is billed as a “Healthy Dog Bakery and Pet Supplier.” Located at various farmer’s markets across Central Florida, the business’s roots were begun some fifty years ago by true animal lovers.

They offer homemade treats for dogs, retail treats for dogs and cats, pet toys, dog apparel, pet shampoos, water servers, rhinestone collars, leashes, harnesses, and pet carriers.

They also have some great Christmas items for dogs like elf hats, red-and-green scrunchies, rawhide candy canes, holiday apparel, and Christmas-themed squeakie toys.
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Oh My Dog! Holistic Doggery treats in Orlando

Oh My Dog! Holistic doggery

Oh My Dog! Holistic Doggery is a brand new local Orlando dog bakery with a brand new web site.

Right away, you’re probably wondering what a “doggery” is. It’s a dog bakery – dog + bakery = doggery! This bakery for dogs makes its own tasty, nutritionally sound treats for pooches.

They use only human-quality ingredients in their dog treats, with no sugar, salt, chemical preservatives, or additives. You can feel good about giving these goodies to adult dogs and to puppies, and the canines will feel totally spoiled.
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Woof Gang Bakery, Gourmet dog treats

Gourmet dog treats at Woof Gang Bakery

Woof Gang Bakery is a gourmet dog treats franchise doggy shop. There is one in Orlando at 5024 Dr. Phillips Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819. It’s run by owners Kay Hodgson & Mock Araujo.

Woof Gang Bakery specializes in gourmet dog treats that are healthy and all natural including hypo-allergenic, wheat-free and grain-free selections.

They also sell all natural dog foods, dog toys and accessories, dog collars, dog supplements and a full range of doggy spa products. Plus they recently added full pet grooming services!
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