Local Rescue Strives To Leave No Dog Behind

Hound Haven rescue group

Established in 2000, Houndhaven rescues dogs and puppies from euthanasia at kill shelters and other life threatening circumstances. They spend whatever is necessary to return them to good health and care for them until they can be placed in loving homes or with another rescue group.

They believe that these lives are precious, and Houndhaven is strictly a no kill organization. Their mission is life. Houndhaven sees its mission as including the provision of any and all medical care necessary to fully rehabilitate a dog before it is adopted.

Further, once the dog is adopted, families agree that if they become unable to care for the dog, due to medical expense or otherwise, the dog will be returned to Houndhaven in lieu of euthanasia or being sent to another shelter. Houndhaven is fully dedicated to ensuring all of its dogs find forever homes that are equally committed to that dog’s health and emotional wellbeing.
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Can you give dogs ice cream or is it bad?

Dogs and ice cream

With the heat of summer upon us I start to hear people ask if it is ok to give their dogs ice cream. Doggies seem to love ice cream, just like we do.

But many don’t know if ice cream is bad or not for dogs. The short answer is,,,, it depends on your dog. You can give most dogs a little bit of vanilla ice cream every once in a while no problem.

However just like humans some dogs, if not most, have Lactose Intolerance. Basically that means most canines are unable to break down and digest lactose.
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Orlando area dog parks page now open!

Orlando area dog parks

Click here for the dog parks page!

Well once again I’ve added a new pets page in my little site here! I have been slowly making blog post about all the Orlando area dog parks. I now have most of them, or at least the most popular ones.

So I went and made a page that list all the central Florida and Orlando area dog parks. That way you can browse them all and click the link on each one to see information about the park in detail.

I’m sure that will be a help to anyone who wants to know where the most popular dog parks are around the Orlando area. I will add more, there are other dog parks I don’t have on there.

But I do have the most popular ones, like Fleet Peeple’s, Doctor’s dog park and more. If you want me to write about one I don’t have on the page let me know and I’ll add it. So Check out my new dog park page! 🙂

Click here for the dog parks page!

Pet dog supplies, dog beds, dog toys, dog collars at Fetch Dog

Fetch Dog, quality pet dog products

If your looking for top quality dog supplies, one of the biggest and best is Fetch Dog. An online store just for pet dogs, It’s the Macy’s of pet dog supplies, with sections for both small and large dog products.

Fetch Dog is an online community that provides the best products for your furry friend, as well as tips and advice from canine experts. Here you will find thousands of beautifully-designed items, from dog beds, dog blankets, and dog clothes to dog bowels and feeders, outdoor dog supplies, dog supplements, grooming products, harnesses, dog houses, leashes, ramps, collars, and training aids.

The company provides specialty products, including eco-friendly dog toys, beds, and collars, small dog supplies, personalized items, and dog problem solver products.
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Barber Park Dog Park in Orlando, Florida

Barber park dog park in Orlando

Barber Park dog park in Orlando Florida is a great dog park for those who want to let their dogs run around in a park setting. Many dog owners live in apartments or homes with small yards.

So going to a dog park gives them a chance to run around and get some exercise. It’s also a great way to meet other dog lovers and make friends. Barber park dog park is a fenced in park divided into two sections.

One is for large dogs, the other for small dogs. Each is around a half acre or so in size and all grass. There are benches and canopies for a little shade as well as a few trees.
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All About Dogs In the Orlando Area

Welcome to Orlando Pet Services! Here you will find an abundance of information regarding you beloved dog/puppy. Many new owners have lots of questions when it comes to their companion. Orlando Pet Services is here to help answer all those questions.

Many dog owners wonder which Orlando Veterinarian is the best place to take their pet because we all want our dogs/puppies to get the best care. You may also wonder which Orlando pet shops are the best shops to buy your pet food or supplies. Let’s not forget about micro-chipping your new dog/puppy.

Orlando Pet Services will be giving out a lot of general information about dogs/puppies, but if cannot find the answer to your question here, then feel free to e-mail Orlando Pet Services with any questions or concerns. I know how important it is for you to get the best care for your pet because I have pets of my own.