Bow Vow Weddings Upcoming Event!

Bow Vow Weddings for pets

People treat their pets like their babies and spend a lot of time and money pampering them. Pet boutiques now sell designer beds, strollers, diamond collars, diamond leashes, designer clothing and much more! Now the biggest trend is “doggie” and other pet weddings!

When it comes to your pet, pet weddings win paws down. Bow Vow Weddings can help make it a pawsitively great event! Have fun by doing something different, host a pup-nuptial for your purr-fect pets. Pets bring us so much joy, why not share something different with your family and friends. Bow Vow Weddings can help you celebrate!

Imagine your dog’s delight when you have some doggie friends to share doggie cake, games, presents and fun. Dog parties have become the newest trend, according to USA Today.
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Local Rescue Strives To Leave No Dog Behind

Hound Haven rescue group

Established in 2000, Houndhaven rescues dogs and puppies from euthanasia at kill shelters and other life threatening circumstances. They spend whatever is necessary to return them to good health and care for them until they can be placed in loving homes or with another rescue group.

They believe that these lives are precious, and Houndhaven is strictly a no kill organization. Their mission is life. Houndhaven sees its mission as including the provision of any and all medical care necessary to fully rehabilitate a dog before it is adopted.

Further, once the dog is adopted, families agree that if they become unable to care for the dog, due to medical expense or otherwise, the dog will be returned to Houndhaven in lieu of euthanasia or being sent to another shelter. Houndhaven is fully dedicated to ensuring all of its dogs find forever homes that are equally committed to that dog’s health and emotional wellbeing.
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Improve Your Dog’s Health with Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly salmon oil for dogs
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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to good health. Both human and pets can benefit from fatty acids. The body can not produce these compounds by itself, which is why it takes them from food and supplements.

Studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids improve cardiovascular health, lower triglycerides and blood pressure, inhibit thickening of the arteries, and reduce inflammation. Grizzly Salmon Oil is one of the best sources of EPA and DHA, which are the most important fatty acids. This daily supplement will improve your dog’s health and well-being.
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Happy Holidays and New Year!


Well it’s now the day after Christmas. I hope everyone got what they wanted and your spending some time with family and your pets! I have been very busy with my own leather jacket site and Amazon sales over the busy buying season.

Which is why I have not been posting much on here, sorry. I’m spreading myself out a bit too thin with all the websites, stores and other things I am doing. But it’s the only way to keep being self employed!

I will try to keep posting informative articles on here, but only once a week or so. Just got too much else to tend to. Anyways I hope your all having a great holiday season and I wish you all much luck for the new year! 🙂

Pug Rescue of Florida’s 11th Annual PugsGiving Fundraiser


This weekend is the Pug Rescue of Florida’s 11th Annual PugsGiving Fundraiser event! It will be on Saturday Nov. 9th from 11 am to 5 pm. It will take place at the Ramada Gateway Convention Center, 7470 Highway 192 West, Kissimmee, FL 34747.

There is always a lot going on at these events, with something for everyone including kids. Of course there will be many pugs, from puppies to older ones ready for a loving home up for adoption.

Your welcome to bring your dog, but please keep it on a leash and clean up after him. You can browse many different canine vendors, offering different dog foods and snacks, doggie care, products and much more.

Plus there will be raffles, a silent auction, door prizes, pet blessing and much more. Check out the Pugsgiving website to find out more and make sure you come out for this fun filled event!

Orlando Pet Expo Nov. 2nd

pet expo

It’s time to highlight another upcoming pet event! This one is a biggie, the Orlando Pet Expo. It’s going to have tons of pet sponsors, music, food and lots of different pet shows.

Going on Nov. 2nd, it will be held at the Osceola Heritage Park Exhibition Building 1875 Silver Spur Lane Kissimmee, FL. That’s a pretty big place so you know a lot will be going on.

There will be dog Agility Demonstrations, pet talent contest, pet costume contest, lots of adoptions, great music, tasty food of all kinds, many different pet vendors and more.

If your looking for a new pet there will be many different pet adoption organizations on hand with dogs and cats looking for a loving home. With such a wide variety of breeds and types your sure to find one your looking for.

To find out much more about this giant pet event, go to the Orlando Pet Expo website and check it out. Don’t miss one of the biggest pet events in Central Florida this year!

Can you give dogs ice cream or is it bad?

Dogs and ice cream

With the heat of summer upon us I start to hear people ask if it is ok to give their dogs ice cream. Doggies seem to love ice cream, just like we do.

But many don’t know if ice cream is bad or not for dogs. The short answer is,,,, it depends on your dog. You can give most dogs a little bit of vanilla ice cream every once in a while no problem.

However just like humans some dogs, if not most, have Lactose Intolerance. Basically that means most canines are unable to break down and digest lactose.
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2nd annual Winter Park dog walk!

2nd annual winter park dog walk

Are you looking for a fun filled event for pet owners? Then you might want to check out the 2nd Annual Winter Park Dog Walk. This event will take place on May 18, 2013 in Orlando.

Participants will receive lots of great prizes, including free microchips for their pets, as well as free snacks and refreshments, free dog toys, T-shirts, and goodie bags filled with toys, coupons and surprises.

The 2nd Annual Winter Park Dog Walk is a special event presented by a local veterinary clinic. The funds raised are going to be donated to the Lost Pets Foundation.
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Doggy Derby this weekend, Jazzie will be a winner!

Orlando doggy derby

I wanted to let everyone know that this weekend, Saturday the 9th will be the Doggy Derby event at Baldwin Park! This year a good friend of mine will be racing her little doggy, and boy is she fast!

My friend Ashley has a tiny toy Schnauzer doggy named Jazzie. A toy Schnauzer is much smaller than a miniature Schnauzer, growing only up to 8 lbs or so. But Jazzie is young and very fast, especially when she knows treats are at the other end of the finish line!

Ashley has registered her lil Jazzie for this years doggy derby. So if you have a small dog your racing too, Jazzie will be one of the doggies you’ll be racing against. She’s been training and no other dog gets to her treats before her!

I will be there too, taking pictures and videos of the races. I’ll be putting some of the videos up on Youtube, so you might just see your own doggy online! So for a fun day, come on out to this years Doggy Derby at Baldwin Park this weekend! 🙂

Holistic, natural dog anxiety medication

Best dog anxiety treatment product
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Dogs can have many similar issues to people, and one of those is anxiety. This is especially true of dogs that are rescued from poor living situations, abuse, or suffer an injury or an accident.

Dogs in these situations can’t truly heal until they can relax enough to adapt to their new healthy life. Beyond the natural fear and nervousness that can stem from bad events, dogs can also develop a sensitivity to touch and sound.
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