Parvovirus: Signs And Symptoms


 Parvo or (ParvoVirus) is a viral disease in dogs. With the pet population being close to 75 million in the US alone. Apr. 37,000 or 1 in 500 dogs die each year from this deadly disease. If caught early the  survival rate is 50/50. There are ways to prevent this from happening to your best friend.   

Types of Parvo
There are two forms of Parvo. One that can effect the heart muscle of very young puppies leading to “sudden death” and the other effects the intestinal tract.  Both are toxic and often fatal if the Parvovirus is not caught in time.

Signs and Symptoms

One day your rambunctious friend will be playing ball and the next day he/she is refusing to eat or drink any water. Pets who have contracted the deadly disease may vomit ,  and become lethargic. Caused by bleeding in the small intestine the appearance of the stools are tarry and black.  Often the smell is rancid and profuse.
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