More funny cats and kittens Youtube videos!

It’s time for another funny cat video! Okay so maybe I’m showing this because I’m pressed for time. 😀 But it’s a really great video, 20 minutes of some of the best and funniest cat and kitten videos.

So relax for a few minutes and have a laugh at some of these crazy cats and kitties. I promise I’ll have something more worthwhile in my next post. But what’s more important than a good laugh and feeling good!? Watch the kitties!!! 🙂

Cute and funny kittens and cats youtube video

Every once in a while I like to post a bit of fun fluff on here! 🙂 So today I picked out a really good funny cats and kittens youtube video for you all to watch. Most of the time they are not as good as you think they will be.

But this one has some pretty good ones, from very funny to just really cute. Only one about half way through the video does not seem all that great. It’s a pretty long one but worth it.

So when you have the time to just sit back and enjoy some funny cats or cute kittens, watch this youtube cat and kittens video. Nothing cheers you up faster than cute kittens and funny cats! 😀