Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

It’s tough having to leave your furry friends at home alone when you have to be away. Of course, you could leave them at a kennel or other pet-boarding facility, but most animals see these as doggie jails or kitty cages, so they’re not happy. Pets, like humans, are much more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of home, but who’s going to take care of them when you can’t?

If you live in the Orlando area, you’re in luck. You can use the great services provided by Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet. The business is run by Janet Mitchell, a lifelong animal lover who has fifteen years of experience with pet sitting. You can rest assured that your beloved pets will be in good hands with Janet.

What can Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet do for you? While you’re out of town, Janet will visit your cats once or twice a day and your dogs three times per day.
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Lovey Loaves Pet And Home Care in Orlando

Lovey Loaves pet and home care in Orlando

What do you do with your pets when you travel? A large percentage of animals don’t enjoy traveling, and even when they do, many hotels don’t accept pets. Your options are somewhat limited.

Sure, you can board them while you’re away, but most dogs and cats aren’t happy when they’re out of their familiar surroundings without their master. You could ask a neighbor to care for your animals when you can’t be home, but you hate to be such an imposition. What’s the answer? Lovey Loaves Pet and Home Care!

If you live in the East Orlando area, Lovey Loves can take loving care of your furkids when you travel out of town on business or for pleasure. What can this great service do for you? They offer dog walking, potty breaks, play time, feeding and watering, and giving medications.
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Whisker Watchers pet sitting service in the Orlando area

Whisker Watchers pet sitting services

Whether you need to leave your home for a few hours or a couple of days, it is essential that you find a good pet sitting service to take care of your furry friends. Whisker Watchers provides professional pet sitting and home sitting services designed to keep your best friend happy when you’re not there.

Instead of leaving your pet at a kennel, Whisker Watchers pet sitting service will take care of your cat or dog in your own home for a few hours, days, or weeks.

Whisker Watchers can help your pet feel comfortable even when you’re far away from home. They can visit your best friend for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day, feed him, clean up all accidents inside and/or outside your home, and take him to the groomer or veterinarian.
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