Fall and winter pet events page updated!

Central Florida pet events

Once again I was a few days late, but I have updated the pet events page to reflect all the pet events going on in the central Florida area for the rest of the year.

Once fall is here and it cools off there is a big surge in pet events going on. You can find many pet Halloween costume contest going on, especially the big one at Winter Park which is held each year.

Right at the moment I have no Halloween events in my page because nobody has announced any yet. But I’m sure there will be some soon. Once I know when the Winter Park Halloween pet costume contest will be I will post it.
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Pet events for August,,, not much

August pet events

If you happen to check out the pet events page for August, you’ll notice there is not much there. In fact at the time I write this there is only one event for the month.

That’s because there really is not much of anything going on during the hot month of August. It’s just too hot to take your pet out to any events, put costumes on them or anything else.

The pet events will pick up again in the fall, when some of the most popular events take place. I just did not want you to think I forgot to update the events page for August. I did not, there just are none!
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Orlando pet events for May to August now up!

Orlando area pet events

I wanted to let you all know that the Orlando pet events page has been updated to show the May to August 2012 pet events! I break it up into quarterly sections, otherwise it gets way too long.

I try to have the most complete Orlando area pet events page around. I don’t show all events as every pet place has a few special things they do each week or month.

But I try to include all big events, like the Doggy Derby, pet walks and stuff like that. May seems to have a nice amount of pet events going on, so make sure you check it out.
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New 2012 pet events page done!

2012 Orlando pet events page done

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Christmas and doing well. I’ve been taking a few days off but now I’m getting back to work. So I wanted to let you all know I’ve started the new 2012 pet events in the event page!

I like to think that I have the most complete Orlando area pet events page around. Because of that the page gets quite long if I have too many months on it.

So from now on I’m making only the current 4 months on the page. Which means there will be a total of 4 different pet events pages made for each year. I will try to have a link to the next 4 months after this quarter is up as a link before this current 4 months are up.
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Newest, latest Orlando, Florida area pet events at Pookie’s, Woof Gang Bakery

Newest Orlando area pet events

Now that the fall season is here there is a lot of pet events going on. I try to keep track of them and make an article about them a month or so before they happen.

However there are lots of small pet events in the Orlando, Florida area that I only know about a week or two in advance. Since I just heard about a couple I thought I’d throw these out there fast to give you a heads up!
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Upcoming Orlando area pet events page now open!

Upcoming central Florida pet events

Alrighty everyone, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get my Orlando area pet events page done, and now it’s finally open! Check it out in the top menu bar above, or go here for the Orlando pet events page.

Now, because I just opened it, there are only October to December 2010 events on it. I will start putting 2011 pet events in it in a few weeks. It’s hard to find a full pet event page that covers all the upcoming pet events in the Orlando and central Florida area.

I’ve seen a few, but they only have events they are doing themselves, or just about a few sponsored pet events. I want to have every type of pet event in my new page here.
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Upcoming pet events in Orlando, pet events in the Orlando area

upcoming pet events in Orlando

If your a pet owner or pet lover in the Orlando area, chances are you want to know about upcoming pet events here in Orlando. You can go to several different sites and see what pet event they are having.

But you can’t seem to find one site that has a list of all the different kinds of pet events that are coming up soon, or even months away. So I thought I’d make a page in my site here for that!

There actually are a lot of pet events in Orlando, lots of them. From dog washes, pet walks, fund raising pet events, pet food fairs, pet shows and lots more, you can find a pet event going on in Orlando most every week.
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