Pets Elite, Orlando area pet sitting service

Pets Elite pet sitting service

Just like children, pets need someone to take care of them and keep them company when you’re away from home. There are many benefits for pet owners besides the convenience and time-saving factors.

Once you hire a professional pet sitter, you will never worry about being away from your furry friend again. Pets Elite offers professional pet sitting services in the Altamonte Springs/Apopka, Florida area.

With over 15 years of experience, Mary Morlando Gavin is the person behind Pets Elite. She offers a wide range of services, including in-home animal care for ill pets, dog walking, and vacation care for pets and plants.
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Above and Beyond pet sitting services in Orlando

Orlando area pet sitting, Above and Beyond!

Let’s say that you had to be separated from your family for a week or so, and you were given two choices: spend the time in a strange place alone (perhaps in a cage), or spend the week in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, you’d choose to stay in your home, and so would your pet! With Above and Beyond Pet Sitting Services, you can go on vacation or business trips and have the peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are happy and well taken care of while you’re away.

Your pet won’t be stressed out, it won’t be exposed to possible diseases from other animals, and your home will be safer.
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Pooch N Purr, pet sitting and dog walking service in Orlando

Pooch N Purr pet sitting in Orlando!

Time once again for a spotlight on a local Orlando pet service! This time it’s Pooch N Purr pet sitting and dog walking service in the Orlando, Florida area. They serve most of the Orlando area and their first consultation visit is free.

Pooch N Purr pet sitting and dog walking service in Orlando covers all types of pet sitting, from just checking up on your pet once or twice a day to complete overnight home sitting.

They can bring in your mail and packages, adjust the lights, water your plants and of course take care of your pets. Pooch N Purr is licensed, bonded and insured and even certified red cross pet first aid.
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Animal Companion Pet Sitting Service in Orlando

Animal companions pet sitting service

Animal Companion pet sitting service is a group of caring pet sitters that have been in business since 1993, serving most of the Orlando area. All the sitters used by this service are dedicated to the care for animals, and in fact, all are volunteers involved in pet rescue operations.

The business itself donates a portion of their proceeds to local pet charities and no-kill animal rescues. This should provide you with a good feeling about leaving the care of your pets in the hands of ACPSS.

How can Animal Companion Pet Sitting Service help you? They can walk your pet, do a health check, provide food and water, brush your pet, maintain the litter box or cage, administer regular medications, and offer your furry pal some valuable play time.
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Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

Pet sitting and dog walking by Janet

It’s tough having to leave your furry friends at home alone when you have to be away. Of course, you could leave them at a kennel or other pet-boarding facility, but most animals see these as doggie jails or kitty cages, so they’re not happy. Pets, like humans, are much more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of home, but who’s going to take care of them when you can’t?

If you live in the Orlando area, you’re in luck. You can use the great services provided by Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet. The business is run by Janet Mitchell, a lifelong animal lover who has fifteen years of experience with pet sitting. You can rest assured that your beloved pets will be in good hands with Janet.

What can Pet Sitting and Dog Walking by Janet do for you? While you’re out of town, Janet will visit your cats once or twice a day and your dogs three times per day.
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Dog Walking Diva, dog walking and pet sitting service in the Orlando area

Dog Walking Diva, pet sitting and dog walking service

It’s time to showcase a new Orlando area pet service! Today I want to tell you all about Dog Walking Diva, a new dog walking and pet sitting service here in the Orlando Florida area.

Whether you’re planning to leave home for a few hours or a couple of days, you should search for someone to take care of your pet. At Dog Walking Diva, you will find the best professionals offering dog walking services, overnight pet care, free one-on-one consultations and in-home pet sitting services.

The people who work at Dog Walking Diva can also help incorporate your best friend in your wedding ceremony and family photos. Called Bow Wow Vow’s, it’s a special package where they pick up, groom and handle your pet at your wedding. No worries or hassles and your pet gets to be part of your special day!
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Whisker Watchers pet sitting service in the Orlando area

Whisker Watchers pet sitting services

Whether you need to leave your home for a few hours or a couple of days, it is essential that you find a good pet sitting service to take care of your furry friends. Whisker Watchers provides professional pet sitting and home sitting services designed to keep your best friend happy when you’re not there.

Instead of leaving your pet at a kennel, Whisker Watchers pet sitting service will take care of your cat or dog in your own home for a few hours, days, or weeks.

Whisker Watchers can help your pet feel comfortable even when you’re far away from home. They can visit your best friend for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day, feed him, clean up all accidents inside and/or outside your home, and take him to the groomer or veterinarian.
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Groom Grub and Belly Rub pet grooming services in Orlando

pet grooming, pet sitting and pet care

Once again it’s time for a spotlight on an Orlando area pet services shop. This time I’ve picked Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub pet grooming and services in Orlando. This place seems to offer just about everything for your pet!

Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub is much more than just a pet grooming service, it’s a full pet care shop. Besides pet grooming and washing they offer pet sitting, pet boarding, pet walking, dog training and sell pet food and supplies.

The owners of Doglando’s Groom, Grub & Belly Rub are certified dog trainers and behavioralists. They specialize in cage free dog and cat grooming and give each pet special attention. They also state they groom birds and exotic animals.
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Orlando pet sitting, Orlando Florida dog and cat pet sitting services

Orlando pet sitting services

One of the most common pet services offered in Orlando is pet sitting services. Many people in Orlando Florida have dogs and cats as well as other types of pets. When they go away on vacation they want to find a good pet sitting service in Orlando.

However different people have different ideas on what pet sitting is or what they should expect. There actually are many different types of pet sitting services in Orlando, each with it’s pros and cons.

So I’ll try to explain here what you should expect from a pet sitting service in Orlando, and what to look for when getting an honest and quality pet sitting service. There are many to choose from in Orlando, both good and bad.
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Orlando Pet Sitting and Boarding, Preppy Pet Review

Orlando pet sitting Preppy Pet review

There are many pet sitting and pet boarding shops in Orlando. One of them is Preppy Pet near downtown Orlando. Here’s my review of this pet sitting and boarding shop for your information.

Founded in 2003, Preppy Pet of Orlando provides a safe and fun pet sitting and pet boarding environment for small animals, cats, dogs, and birds. The pet boarding resort features plenty of options and activities designed to keep your pets happy, including full grooming and obedience training.

The facilities are immaculate and the staff is professional. This place is excellent for pet daycare, pet sitting and boarding, offering lots of facilities for a reasonable price. They charge by the size of your pet and have webcams that allow you to watch your furry friend while your away.
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