Mardi Paws, Paws in the Park at Orlando’s Lake Eola 2013

Paws in the park at Lake Eola, Orlando

Are you ready to attend the biggest and best fun raising pet walk in Central Florida? During the month of February, pet lovers take time to celebrate Mardi Gras in a doggone friendly way.

It’s Mardi Paws, Paws in the Park at Orlando’s Lake Eola 2013! This fun filled event will take place on February 9, 2013. Join this annual canine parade and get ready to have fun!

Paws in the Park or Mardi Paws caters to pet lovers and their furry friends. All donations received will go back to support the SPCA of Central Florida.
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Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

Breeding leafy sea dragons at SeaWorld

I decided to check out the latest news with SeaWorld today. Seems like they are having a bit of success breeding a rare type of Seahorse called the leafy sea dragon.

What’s interesting is that the hatchlings, about 40 of them now, are floating in the big aquarium right in the Manta roller coaster ride. SeaWorld is only the sixth aquarium in the world to successfully breed leafy sea dragons.

These funny looking creatures look like twigs and leaves, great for camouflage in the ocean. They are found only off the southern and eastern coasts of Australia.
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The Metropolitan Dog Spa in Downtown Orlando

The Metropolitan Dog Spa in downtown Orlando

The Metropolitan Dog Spa is Orlando’s newest dog and cat grooming location. In addition to quality grooming services the spa is a location for pet owners to have tea, engage in conversations, and read the news. Loyal customers can participate to the Metro-Member Rewards program and receive free gifts.

Pets can enjoy a wide range of grooming services, including basic baths, full grooming, mini grooming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. The salon offers pet pick up and delivery services.

If you want to spoil your pet in a beautiful and relaxing grooming environment, The Metropolitan Dog Spa is an excellent choice. This spa salon offers quality and affordable grooming for all breeds.
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Trying to get more articles about Orlando tropical fish!

Orlando area tropical fish

When I started this website I intended to talk about all types of pet equally. That included birds, fish and reptiles. However it seems like most of my articles are about cats and dogs.

The one type of pet I really don’t have many articles about are tropical fish. I’m sure many people in the Orlando area have some type of saltwater or freshwater fish.

But frankly I don’t know much about them, I’ve never owned any. Even the amount of fish stores in the Orlando area seems to be pretty small. I’ve wrote about 3 or 4 and I don’t know of any more except for the normal ones in places like Pet Smart and so on.
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Barktoberfest at downtown Orlando Lake Eola pet event

Barktoberfest pet event at Orlando's Lake Eola park

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, or if you’d just like to enjoy a day of fun while supporting animal rescue and adoptions, mark your calendar for Saturday, October 1, 2011.

That’s when Orange County Animal Services will be holding their first Barktoberfest pet event. Barktoberfest will take place at Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando, Florida. The event begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m.

Barktoberfest provides hopeful animal moms and dads to meet and get to know lots of wonderful animals who are searching for forever homes. Some people who like the idea of adopting a rescue animal don’t like the idea of going to a shelter because they might find it depressing. Barktoberfest is anything but depressing! It’s a happy, upbeat event – a great way to spend a few hours.
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Sunny Harbor Parrot Place, exotic birds in Orlando

Sunny Harbor Parrot Place exotic bird store

If your looking for a pet parrot or exotic bird in the Orlando central Florida area, then visiting Sunny Harbor Parrot Place is a must. This store is located in central Florida and offers hand raised Amazon, Macaw, Eclectus, Cockatoo, african greys and other popular parrot breeds.

The company is owned by husband and wife team Brad and Tracy. They are committed to raising baby parrots by hand in a loving home environment, helping them develop a long term relationship with humans.

The owners are members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization, American Federation of Aviculture, and other trusted organizations. In addition, they are certified avian specialists.
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