Paws Calls, House Call pet veterinary service in Orlando

Paws Calls, Orlando mobile veterinary

Remember several decades ago when doctors made house calls? This is pretty much a thing of the past, but at least you can still get this wonderful service for your pets, believe it or not. When your pet is in need of veterinary care, Paws Calls will come to your home to take care of your furry kids.

Yes Paws Calls is a house call pet veterinary service in the Orlando, Florida area. They do just about everything a vet would do in an office, except for surgeries and major pet care.

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to get two Great Danes in your car for a trip to the vet, or if you’ve had to force a cat into a carrier, you’ll really appreciate a vet who makes house calls. And it’s not just for the convenience of humans.
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