Holiday pet gifts and other holiday stuff

Dog Christmas costumes
Click here to see all the cute doggie Christmas costumes!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I’m sure you’ve noticed my post are not as fresh as they use to be. That’s because I have been very busy with some projects I’m working on.

As a result I have less time to update my several Orlando area sites, including this one. I have about 52 websites now, plus I write eBooks, have a retail online leather jacket store and do a few other things.

So time is getting a bit scarce for me! Anyways I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or don’t. Take extra care this time of year to watch your pet.
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Winter Park Halloween pet costume contest picture gallery

Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest

Halloween may be gone, but I’m still downloading and editing pictures and videos of all the cute pet Halloween costume contest! I finally got around to making this cool picture gallery of the Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest.

I don’t have many, sorry about that. My friend Ashley entered the contest this year with her tiny toy doggy dressed as little red riding hood! She did not win but it was fun anyways.

There were some fantastic dog costumes there, very unique and I’m sure a lot of pet owners put a lot of effort into them. It was nice to see many dressed up the same as their pets! 🙂
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Popular pet Halloween costumes from Amazon

Hotdog pet dog Halloween costume

Click here to see all the great pet Halloween costumes!

Soon it will be Halloween, and pets look so darn cute in costumes made especially for them. They have some really great ones out there now, much better than just a few years ago.

Just about everyone loves dressing up for Halloween. It’s fun to assume a different persona for a day or two, so if you have a fun-loving pet, why not let them get in on the festivities? It’s become sort of a new American tradition to dress pets in Halloween costumes, and some of these outfits are just too cute!

You can probably find a few pet Halloween costumes in your local stores, but to see a really nice selection, shop Amazon. You’ll also find that the prices on Amazon are often cheaper than the ones you’ll find in physical retail stores and shops.
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Halloween dog costumes, pet costumes for dogs and cats

Wonder Woman dog costume
wonder woman dog costume
This is a super cute small dog costume! Be different and show off your doggie in this wonder woman dog costume!

With Halloween almost here, pet lovers are buying pet costumes for their lovable dogs and cats! The selection of Halloween dog costumes and even cat costumes are amazing and really cool.

Some are downright cute, like the wonder woman dog costume above. Notice the arms in the front, so your doggy looks just like wonder woman when sitting down!
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