6th annual doggy derby picture gallery!

Doggy derby picture gallery

Well this past weekend was a great one for the 6th annual doggy derby! I was there along with my friends Ashley and others. Ashley entered her little doggy Jazzie and she did win her first race, but not the second one.

To be honest she was set to run but the announcer started over at the last minute. That got poor Jazzie confused and so she hesitated when she was finally set go. But I’m sure that happens a lot, as you could see if you were there.

I was the guy in a red Budweiser t-shirt standing close to the side of the track for a good half hour with a video camera in my hands. I got a lot of the races on film and I’ll be posting another article here soon with the Youtube video I will make of the races.

But I also took a lot of pictures and have made a picture gallery of them you can see below. So go ahead and click on the first one and take a peek. Maybe you’ll see yourself and/or your doggies too! 🙂

To start the gallery, click inside the first picture. A flash gallery will start. Click the arrow in the lower right below the picture to go to the next one. Click inside the picture at any time to close the gallery.

Pet Halloween pictures photo days by Amanda!

A Style Pet Photography

Hi everyone! Fall will be here soon, and that means getting your pet’s picture taken all dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Amanda from A Style Pet Photography will be taking cute and quality pet pictures at two places this October.

Below are full details about her pet picture events. Like where they will be, what time and so on. Have your pet’s picture taken by Amanda for priceless memories of your pet at Halloween.
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Crystal Lea pet photography in Orlando

Crystal Lea pet photography

It’s time once again to showcase another talented pet photography studio in the Orlando area! Crystal Lea pet photography is a local photography studio that specializes in fine art pet photography.

I can’t seem to find a physical location for her studio on her site, so I assume she comes out to your place. Best bet is to use the contact form on her website below and ask if she has a studio or if she comes to you.

Crystal Lea grew up in a big family filled with many different pets over the years. Besides taking great pet pictures she also takes pictures of people too, including children and babies.

Because of her love for animals she gladly offers her services to local animal shelters, charity portraits and more. Inside her site you can view some great pet portfolio pictures she has taken over the years that really shows off her talents.

So if your looking for a pet photographer in the central Florida area, check out Crystal Lea pet photography in her website below. Nothing’s better than a professionally shot picture of your pet for lifetime memories! 🙂

Crystal Lea pet photography
Crystal Lea pet photography

Art That Pops, 3D pet pictures by Meryl Rachlin

Art That Pops 3D pet pictures!

When I was at this years doggie art festival I stopped at a booth that had some very cool looking 3D pet pictures. After introducing myself I found out that these unique works of art are made by Meryl Rachlin.

Meryl Rachlin lives right here in the Orlando area and she loves to make these wonderful one of a kind 3D pet portraits of dogs and cats for customers. They look amazing and you really have to see them in person to really appreciate how good they are.

Right at the moment she does dogs and cats but soon will be doing wild life, floral and more. She will make a unique, one of a kind 3D portrait of your pet by looking at a picture you have of your pet.
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Pampered Pet Portraits, local pet photography studio

Pampred Pets Portraits

It’s been a while since I made an article about a local pet services place. So today I wanted to showcase a cool pet photography studio called Pampered Pet Portraits, located here in the central Florida area.

This pet photography service is run by Dolores Russo, who is a graphic designer and a professional photographer. Some of the jobs she has worked on include IBM, Disney, PGA and many other big name companies.

What Dolores specializes in is taking a perfect picture of your pet, then enhancing it with digital coloring. The result is a beautiful work of art that really shows off the details of your beloved pet.
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Paw Prints Charming, Orlando area pet photography studio

Paw Prints Charming pet photography

What pet owner wouldn’t want a beautiful, natural photograph of their beloved pet? With Paw Prints Charming, that’s just what you’ll get – a photo taken with natural lighting in your home or outdoors in one of your pet’s favorite spots.

These types of pet photos are far superior to those done in formal studios and settings, in the opinions of most people. Why? For one thing, your pet isn’t stressed out by being in a strange place. It’s perfectly at ease and at home – literally.

Paw Prints Charming’s photographer is Hillary Kladke, an expert who has lots of experience with pet photography. She’ll take the time to get the best photograph possible of your beloved pet, capturing its unique personality in the image.
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Winter Park Halloween pet costume contest picture gallery

Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest

Halloween may be gone, but I’m still downloading and editing pictures and videos of all the cute pet Halloween costume contest! I finally got around to making this cool picture gallery of the Winter Park pet Halloween costume contest.

I don’t have many, sorry about that. My friend Ashley entered the contest this year with her tiny toy doggy dressed as little red riding hood! She did not win but it was fun anyways.

There were some fantastic dog costumes there, very unique and I’m sure a lot of pet owners put a lot of effort into them. It was nice to see many dressed up the same as their pets! 🙂
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Photohound Dog Photography, pet photography in Orlando, Florida

Photohound pet photography

Photohound is a pet photography service in Orlando, Florida offered by Erica Matyas. Matyas is a lifelong animal lover, and that’s obvious by looking at her photographs.

She has a unique talent for capturing the animal’s soul and personality along with its physical appearance. Many of the photographs are whimsical in nature, providing a playful three-dimensional attitude to a two-dimensional picture.

To get the best possible depictions of your pet, Erica will take lots of photos in a session. These might be indoors, in a “pose,” or the photographs might be shot outdoors as candid photos.
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Wildlife from Scratch; artistic pet boxes, paintings and more

Wildlife paintings and other artistic pet items

Wildlife from Scratch is run by Jeanie Beline, an artist who specializes in an artistic process known as scratchboard. This method involves covering a layer of white clay with India ink, and then etching with an artist tool to create the image.

The results are beautiful, and they’re truly unique. The contrast between the black and white is vivid, and each creation has interesting texture, too.

Beline also works in pyrography, where images are burned into wood, along with working in pastels. Some of her creations include beautiful velvet-lined wooden boxes, ceramic art tiles, and magnets.
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Pet Portraits at Le Puparazzi, Orlando area Pet Photographer

Le Puparazzi pet photos

Have you thought about getting professional Pet Portraits of your best friend from a local Orlando area Pet Photographer? If so you should check out the cool website, Le Puparazzi!

Le Puparazzi is one of the most popular dog, cat and pet photography studios on the Web. Operated by a highly skilled certified pet photographer, Le Puparazzi addresses to those who wish to capture their pets spirit and character.

With a general love for animals, Donna Gaynor is a local Orlando area pet photographer who succeeds to get close to your pet and take the perfect pet portraits.
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